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 In email chat, a friend asked: “What Superpowers might Ninerdick have?” I wrote in response:
 Name has to be the enduring Ninerdick. Yes, in rainbow colors. Sorry that these
 colors are not quite accurate, but we work with what (endowments and devices) we have. 
 Short Name(s): Niner or Dick, to those who know it means me, can be furtively used in public, 
 and crowds, where the full name might arm, or put the evildoers in a more difficult to defeat,
 defensive posture.
 Long or short name taken in vain, or written on a weather vane1, is not a call to action I’ll hear.
 Of course Ninerdick would be naked when “working,” wearing just cock & ball rings.
 Super Powers are contained in my cast2, not forged3, ball rings. The purer and higher quality the 
 metal, the greater the powers. 
 Gold or platinum would yield the best results. I am currently limited to chrome-plated, due to 
 cirCUMstance, resource limits, but who knows when the universe shall grant more?
 Of course gifted rings are extra powerful, if sincere, and not an attempt to lure me into some 
 constraint (bondage or e-stim or stinging lubes, each their own particular risk) or other.
 And of course, when not worn, I am limited to native powers, themselves fearsome. 
 Those native powers are enhanced by genital hair removal, oiliness of skin, and sloppy lubes.
 Saliva is entrancing, hypnotizing, can be for good, or for bad; driven as life, in intention’s vehicle. 
 That’s all I dare say about lubes, their balm and application; there are secrets to keep. 
 Powers impuned are for tumescence, and cum production: volume, quality and frequency.
 Tumescence is a hypnotic power, affecting all genders, even many (but not all) in relationships.
 Cum, when smeared about, can yield benefits from calming self and foe, through captivating 
 those of nefarious intent, and curing maladies present in persons and institutions local and 
 distant, dependent on the number, and quality of rings, of course. 
 Number is significant (if you haven’t guessed that yet). Multiples of 9 are most powerful4, with a 
 few other numbers having their own special attributes. I will not reveal all here, but hanging 13 is 
 especially useful for distracting the evil-eye, perverting priests, fermenting holy water, and 
 stimulating artful production among pastry bakers.
 Coronal Rings5 that I wear are also power elements, with extra complexity of purpose and intent.
 They have the special ability to distract, or overpower a person or context, with their metered and   
 audible clang and ring. How far, by whom, this magic is heard6 is variable, but not the least affected
 is Niner, himself7.
 A metronome is a risk that we should not speak of, but if encountered, additional beat 
 instruments with cacophonic playing can in some conditions, enhance Niner’s powers. 
 It is not well known that Niner has a special appreciation of disorder as stimulant. 
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