Description, Details:

5’9” 135 lbs, GWM, smooth, shaved, short close cropped brown and greying hair, a little longer on top; brown eyes.

I’m a showoff. An exhibitionist. I enjoy being naked, and enjoy being seen. It is fun, and empowering. I do not mind being the only person naked in a group. I believe being naked is a birthright.

I’ve become convinced that anyone who wants to produce anything with an aesthetic character should spend a year internship as an exhibitionist. Issues dealt with will have a significant positive and centering effect on sense of self, affect, and expressiveness.

I’m a frequent, chronic, and obsessive, happily addicted masturbator. I have been all my conscious life. Long before puberty. You will find more about masturbation on other pages here. It is health-giving, energizing, a very powerful personal resource, feels great, and is a good and valuable thing for humans to practice and do. Use your tools.

Masturbation creates human good.  It is liturgy for a rich life.

Masturbation, Edging, Milking, Cumming are more than wonderful, they are an important human entitlement.

A question I get often is something like: “ how big is your dick really?”  

The answer is:  

Depends on how good you are.

Another question I hear is: “How can I stretch MY dick? The hard answer is: you cannot stretch your dick after puberty ends. Before, yes. After, no. Once the chemical signals are sent at the end of puberty to stop long bone growth, your dick will not get any longer. The rings I use keep my dick stretched out, but do not add net length gain.

Pix of me at right was kindly and well taken at Folsom Street Fair 9/25/2011 by a passing Photographer, Daniel Schumann. He was nice enough to send it to me.

My body mods include Tattoos,  and Ball Stretching

Tats date from 1997-1999, were done by Mad Dog, in SF. He is currently working in Palm Springs area, where he is earning a rep. not only for tattoos, but also for his realistic prowess at figurative painting.

The number of rings on my cock and balls vary a bit by weather and intention.  Warmer days make more rings more comfortable.

I regularly wear between 13-18 rings on my balls, but I have had 24 on, for special events. Depends on air temperature. 

The curved bar is 00 gauge. I call this ring a coronal ring, since it rests against my coronal ridge, with the ball ends caressing my frenulum. No piercing necessary, just clever.

Astrology: Pisces with Leo Rising.

Ethnicity: 5/8 German, 1/8 Slovak, 1/8 Polish, 1/8 Alsacian, US blended.

I’ve lived in the Castro, San Francisco, CA since 1995, priorly in DC area with PA origins. I’ve traveled broadly in US, through 33 States, plus 5 Canadian Provinces, France, and Caribbean.

The rings I use on my balls are  standard 1.5” Chrome plated cast cock rings, available many places for about 3 bucks each. They  are cast, not forged and welded, so they are very round, with no seam. Cast rings are very comfortable to wear; they articulate very well. I’ve been stretching my balls for well over 40 years. Started somewhere in middle to late 70s.

The rings on my cock are different sizes and weights, often with one fat doughnut ring for good dangle, good swing in the sweats. And clang against my ball rings. All are retained with one curved barbell, with big ball ends. That ring was custom made to fit behind my dickhead. It is 7/8” inside diameter.