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July 30, 2017

Up Your Alley Street Fair

Later in the day, while standing on Folsom St., Califshowboy  took the fine picture of me, below.  Note that the posted Tow-Warning Sign shows the event date. He has taken many pictures of me at these street fairs over the years. You can find him on Flickr. Or find me on Flickr: Ninerdick. I’ve Faved many pictures over many years by photographers, and friends.


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September 24, 2017

Folsom Street Fair

Here’s a photo taken by Biron at 2017 FSF.

While standing Up Dore Alley, Paul M. happened by, and asked if he could do a drawing of me in his Notebook. I watched with spine tingles, as he took his time with this very handsome contour drawing. What a lot of line mapping; no erasures! This is praiseworthy, exceptional talent. Thank you Paul.