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In honor of 25 years of hanging out at Folsom Street Fair, and since the COVID-19 has canceled FSF for 2020, I am presenting two layouts of some of the best-of.

The two layouts displayed here were created at 1500x750 pixels, wider than normally displayed on these webpages.

If you wish to view at full size, DLO or drag to your desktop. If that doesn’t work for you, email me to get the full size layouts.

These two images were submitted to the Virtual Folsom Street Fair Vendor Mart to be displayed in a Booth Space named Ninerdick, with information links. The Virtual Vendor Booth Spaces are being displayed during FSF and for a few weeks after. See below for how to get to the Virtual Booths, and a sample image from the Virtual Booths. 

These images are presented in whole under Fair-Use exemption.
1. No commercial intention or result.
2. Presented in whole as a teachable and commented moment, an illustrated and illuminating, limited history of Niner at the Folsom Street Fair. Ninerdick 2020.

3. Attribution in part available by request.

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To get into the Virtual Booths:

1. In your browser type or use this link: folsomstreetfair.org. This link will open a new window, so you don’t have to leave these instructions. There are no adequate instructions on the page itself. Don’t use folsomstreetevents.org. No link to Virtual Booths from there, although there are links to Booth Vendors home websites. Perhaps an oversight by folsomstreetevents. You should have the most current browser for your OS. If not, try Firefox; latest version should work in any OS. Some users may be required to verify age. If so, use 2. & 3. below. If not, skip to 4. below.

2. Scroll down to: “I verify that I am over the age of 18 and have read the Community Agreements”

which is near the bottom of the page. If you are not required to verify, it won’t be there, go to 4. below.

3. Click Enter.

4. At the top of the (new) page, right side, click “Market”:

5. Choose “Folsom Street Market”, which is where you’ll find Ninerdick in position “C”. of the four-space central dividers, the “X” on the displayed map, left bottom, in image below.

On the right edge of the virtual screen are five tools…I’ve used keyboard characters to simulate below. Click icon again to close the dialog that appears:

i - Tutorial. Go to part of the room quickly by clicking on the map with your mouse to position the gray dot. See map in image at left bottom. If it displays as a small icon, click to open map, as shown below.

[ ] - Full Screen Toggle

* - Quality Settings - Low - Normal - High. Higher settings = greater the latency.

( - Speaker. Didn’t work for me. Maybe no sound available.

Q - Chat Balloons - At bottom edge. Login required, but no visitors when I visited at 1 PM 9/27/2020, and I could not log in to chat.