Following my dick around. Lead by the meat. Sex idiot.

Boned. Dick does the thinking. Hollow hot feeling in the gut, mindlessly follow my pointing dick into the unknown, into sensation, into my future, feeling controlled by an irresistible swell that takes me deeper, to more, sweet intensity, to another, of what I know will be unending serial cumloads and climaxes. My brains draining out through my dick again. I cannot resist. I don’t want to. Dazed and hypnotized with emissive need. Controlled by my cock & balls. I must do this. I will do it again,

and more often. Only slim control is to extend it,

make it last longer, let it rise, higher, rigid, into

permissive pleasure. There is no other choice.

Yes, I am a Dickgoon. Now, and next, more


and mysteriously. I know I am going to

shoot a load. Cum will flow out of me,

slower and longer, the more I play,

the more I delay, building, welling,

heating. Thick, juicy & delicious.

Creamy, maybe lumpy. Maybe

long pearled ropes, spooged

out of my meat. I will, and I

must, and I agree. This is

what I want, what I need,

what I will do now, and

soon, again.