Dr. Dernüdt


Dr. Dernüdt developed from a Craigslist posting, titled “Questions about your Penis?” Long expired.

Dr. Dernüdt made two house calls to Niner, before pronouncing Niner “...grave...almost a lost cause...”

Dr. Dernüdt is nom d’fantasie, renamed to the aggrandizement of the guilty.

Dr. Dernüdt is compiled and compounded by Niner.

Dr. Dernüdt may visit Niner for a bedside session of sex deepening and stroke-inductive hypno-analysis at any time, but has a preference for treating those morning, waking boners, and more recently, for arriving as spirit, with eager contagion.

Dr. Dernüdt believes all therapy: physical, manipulative, mechano-electrive, mental inductive, inhalative, salvative, trans-cutaneous, as well as all that defy or escape description, is more efficaciously administered to a nude, relaxed, patient.

Dr. Dernüdt’s techniques include:

        Leading questions, illuminating Niner’s deep sexual desires, sex history and future.

        Dr. records all to be used in future sessions to manipulate Niner to more intensity and habituations.

        Records may include written accounts, measurements, sample collection, diagnostics, pictures videos, Rx.

        Dr. will share patient records with other professionals and/or researchers interested in Niner’s diagnosis,

        treatment, and declension.

        Physical genital oral or manual manipulations; may include Dr’s trained hands, instruments, tools,

        or by Niner’s self manipulation at Dr’s detailed direction, cadence, and oversight.

        Salves, lubes, oils, balms, vibrators, TENS and ET-312, heating pads, pump tubes, rings, weights, stretching

        devices are among many tools that fall to Dr. Derüdt’s hands.

Dr. Dernüdt’s office help has released the following emails, including pictures, and his responses, to advance  collaborative documentation, description and understanding of Niner’s deepening and continuing clinical forge:

I think I need an appointment to be examined. I may need repeating treatments of some kind. I jackoff a lot (chronic & obsessive), and I think my oversized cock & balls are making me stupid & driving me nuts.

I realize that for proper diagnosis, I must answer all revealing & embarrassing questions. The exam might take a long time, and my penis might have to be kept hard while I answer even more questions about what I think about when boned. Even if I don’t know right away, and the real stuff has to be milked out of me. Maybe my sex history taken. Maybe climaxes recorded & cum measured. If I cum too quick, I might have to cum a second time. Maybe tests & experiments. Maybe I'll have to be restrained In case I try to touch myself to get off too soon, or if I might go crazy. Follow up appointments might be necessary for further diagnosis & treatment. Maybe special exercises to do & repeat. I realize these cases can be stubborn, resist repeating treatments & protocols and maybe be examined by a specialist, like a psycho or a hypnotist for special treatments that could last for years.

I hope you can help, maybe avoid ending up in a strait jacket in an institution. Who knows what those doctors might do?

A file might have to be kept. Maybe pictures put in the file, and notes about masturbation, sex & fantasies & detailed treatment history. I

understand that this might be shared with other doctors, and office staff, as you decide is efficacious.

A house call appointment in the Castro on Thursday afternoon would be great. If you judge that more urgent exam is needed, I can cum to your office as soon as you have an evening opening.


Hello, Dick –

I received a heavy response to my CL post.  So many men were so concerned about their penises, had so many questions, that I quickly became swamped. Your mail got pushed lower and lower down the list of subject lines until it was out of sight. I greatly apologize for the apparent slip of your mail through the cracks. It has finally come back into my line of vision, and not a moment too soon, I think.

I can understand why you would have grave concerns about your penis. You have an extraordinarily large male sex organ. Your penis is so large that I question its ability to become fully erect. 

You urgently need a comprehensive examination of your penis. The physical examination should be accompanied by an in-depth oral history. I will need to ask you about the growth of your penis, the various ways you like to stimulate it, the kind and quality of sensations resulting from the stimulation, as well as a report of other people’s responses to it. You are quite right to think that some of the questions may be quite embarrassing. An erection caused by your embarrassment will be carefully noted.

I am quite concerned about the quality of your erection. Whether due to embarrassment or not, I shall induce a full, complete erection while taking the oral history. Your erect penis will be subjected to a battery of tests and measurements. Length, girth at both the base and at the corona, the raised rim of the glans head, as well as the angle of your erection will all be noted.

I will need to observe your penis in orgasm. I need to see the ejaculation of sperm. The way in which ejaculation is achieved can be determined at the time.

Naturally, a photographic record of your penis and every element of my examination of it must be made. I am very pleased to see that you have already removed all your hair, which makes close, detailed photography of your penis from every angle so much easier.

In your mail you question your mental equilibrium and the possibility of need for physical restraint during the examination. You are quite clearly obsessed by your penis. I think you are the best judge of the state of your mind. If you decide that an examination by me is appropriate, I will come prepared.

I can only assume that your large male sex organ is in even greater need of examination, measurement, stimulation, documentation, and care than when you responded to my CL post.

I hope to have an opportunity to serve your urgent need.


Dr. Dernüdt

Dear Dr. Dernüdt:

I can certainly understand that your services & treatments were in heavy demand. Also, I am getting a good sense that you are quite detailed, meticulous, careful and thorough in your manner with patients. And certainly record keeping requires much, so that you can prepare treatment plans that have a good outcome.

I’m excited to hear that you can open a case for me, and see me soon. Sooner is better for me. A house call is possible this coming weekend. Perhaps Saturday, if you can fit me in. I do feel, constantly it seems, that my condition is urgent. If you have any evening hours available at your office before then, I will meet your schedule any weekday evening after 8 PM.

Perhaps, too, you saw in my prior email, that my case may well require extended work. Yes, I’ve had a big cock & balls my whole life. There is a history of penis obsession going back to my earliest memories. I realize that long histories like this may require more time, more visits, and perhaps many diagnostic techniques.

Yes, please let me know what appointment times are possible.


Dear Dick –

Thank you for your kind observation that I am detailed, meticulous, careful and thorough. I try. As with all my patients, my goal in my work with you will be to help you experience your penis even more than you ever have before. In the process of observing your penis, listening to your description of your experience of your penis, and recording all the data, I hope to introduce you to masturbation techniques that will open the door to new realms of sensation

I need for you to realize that the treatment will involve considerable handling of your penis by me. I will have to touch it thoroughly, and in ways it may never have been touched before. 

The greatest proportion of the treatment will be administered by my hands. Some touching must be  administered by me orally. I can determine much, and help you greatly, by lightly touching the tip of your glans penis – the head – and the corona, that sensitive, extended rim just below the glans, with the tip of my tongue. 

The treatment also requires I use my tongue to touch and rub the sensitive spot just beneath the tip of your penis. I must also wrap my lips around the corona while touching the tip of your penis with my tongue. This treatment is designed to stimulate the flow of seminal fluid, the quality and quantity of which will tell me much about the overall state of the health of your penis and the direction treatment should take. There is simply no getting around the oral examination. It must be done.

I am sure you realize that your submission to my touch, both by hand and orally, is essential to a positive outcome of the treatment. 

You mentioned your belief that your course of treatment may encompass many treatment sessions. Once I begin work with a patient, I do not stop until it is complete – that your obsession with your penis is, if anything, even greater than it has ever been, and you are better equipped than ever to satisfy that obsession.

As it happens, the two patients I usually see on Saturdays have cancelled. I can make a house call anytime you like on that day. I do encourage an early start, if possible. The male hormones that cause your penis to lengthen, stiffen, and become erect, and the flow of preseminal fluid I need to see and taste, are secreted by your glands most generously in the morning hours

Please let me know the time and place I should come.

I appreciate your enthusiasm for the treatment I offer.  I am positive I can help you.


Dr. Dernüdt

Dr. Dernüdt:

Due to the rain today, I had to take the bus to work, which got me home late. I’m settled in now, so I can write to you with good attention to everything at hand. Perhaps I should say hands.

I’m sitting here in t-shirt and socks, with my cock erect in front of me. Perhaps I should track the time: it is now 23:02. It may take me some minutes to write to you, since I’m stroking my cock after every sentence, and pulling on my balls, as I discover the best ways to describe everything to you.

It is a good thing that you put out your professional ad. Without your services, and treatments, I’m certain I’ll be driven mental with my cock & balls. It seems I just cannot jack off often enough, just cannot get enough cum out of my big cock & balls. They demand constant attention from me. Sometimes I wake up at night with a boner, and have to masturbate to get back to sleep. There have been some nights where my genitals keep me awake all night. I’m sure you know all the details about how disabling lack of sleep can be. After a night like this, I go to work crazed with thoughts about my cock & balls. Sometimes I sit here in my small bedroom, and stare in the mirror at my genitals, and think that my cum is actually my brains draining out of my dick. Especially if I masturbate slowly, and edge for a long time, I become convinced that I will end up institutionalized. I see myself in that mirror in a strait jacket with a raging and insatiable penis. I am eager to be committed to your program. Even if it takes many repeating long sessions, unfamiliar therapies, and restraints when appropriate. You are the professional, and I’ll need to trust your treatments will take me to a better place. I don’t know that I’ll always understand, and may need to be reminded of the fateful alternative, in slow long lectures, while you deal languidly with my recalcitrant meat.

I understand that considerable handling of my penis, and testicles, thoroughly, slowly, with good observational pauses, replete with note taking, picture taking, is required. I understand that your professional senses are the result of rigorous training and close focused attention. The oral ministrations certainly cum out of this professional dedication. I agree to submit to your diagnosis, even if it has to be repeated, as good science dictates, several times for certainty, before appropriate therapy can be discerned. Yes, I understand, it must be done. I realize in my obsession, that I have no choice.

As well, your diagnostic questions, I expect, will lead your professional judgments to conclusions that may be unknowable until the process is engaged. While this process will be deeply revealing, I understand that full disclosure will lead, inevitably, to full treatment.

I agree to answer all, tell all, reveal all, regardless of the depth, and with no restriction. Even issues that in

parlor conversation, could be perceived with perverse tonality, are open and available to you under

Doctor/Patient license.

As I follow your prescriptive regimen, my obsession’s path will lead to more fully developed, frequently

emissive, penile expression.

Saturday, January 15 is fine. Since you are eager for early appointments, I can be available. As you likely

have already discerned, I work a later shift, and my sleeping schedule is later as well. On Saturdays, I usually

wake between 10:30-11 AM. I have a small, rather crowded bedroom, so please understand that movement

around the room is restricted. In my bedroom is my computer as well, which may be useful, for stimulative

effect, and revealing information for your records, of male porn and nude images that surround me.

Both real and imagined porn is available to your purview.

Please let me know if 11:00 AM on Saturday is suitable.

For your preliminary records:

I am: 5’9”, 135 lbs, smooth, short, buzzed brown hair, brown eyes. A full picture is attached.


Time: 0:19 

Hello, Dick --

11:00 a.m. tomorrow, Saturday, is fine. I should have realized that you work at night, but I didn't. Later than

11;00 a.m. is also fine. This is to be your first treatment. It will include an oral history and a comprehensive

visual and tactile exploration and examination of your penis and your scrotum. As I've said, various kinds of

stimulation will be applied. I want you to be as comfortable as possible.

Dick, if the afternoon is better for you, that is fine. Two of my patients have cancelled their Saturday appointments, which is highly unusual, so I can work with you whenever you think you and your penis will be most receptive.

Dr. Dernüdt

Dr. Dernüdt:

11 AM tomorrow is fine. This will give us the benefit of a relaxed initial diagnosis, with no particular time constraints. An Oral History, comprehensive exam and getting a good diagnosis is of the paramount importance.

I’m eager to get this process going.


Yes, I agree that comfort for all is the best state. As new aspects of my penile obsession are discovered, I look forward to your ever deepening treatment program.


Hello, Dick --

I am pleased with your enthusiasm and readiness to submit to treatment. I find that I have neglected to mention that you have an excellent penis. It is a magnificent specimen, offering ample opportunity for diverse forms of stimulation.

Please let me know exactly when and where I should arrive for your first treatment.

Dr. Dernudt

Great. I’m glad your professional judgment warrants my penis as a worthy specimen for development and improvement.

Perhaps this could be beneficial for both of us. You may get to publish a research study that could well enhance your reputation, and professional standing.


Good morning, Dick --

I understand.

Dr. Dernüdt

Thank You Doctor, for coming over here today, on short notice. I am beginning to get an idea about the condition I have. Doubtless there is much to discover, treatment, and ongoing exploration, assessment and monitoring. I will put my cock & balls in your hands, for enhancement, development and fulfillment, as your schedule and diagnosis indicate. I did find the Saturday 11 AM slot comfortable.

I have been edging all afternoon. Shot another load at 3, then walked over to Starbucks in my sweats, to stand outside, on display for passing men & dogs. Back home, I’ve been browsing porn, and playing with my cock & balls. I need to blow another load.

Chronic Obsessive Penis-Head Dick

Hello, Dick  --

I'm glad to know you acknowledge the need for further treatment. Your disturbance surrounding

all aspects of your penis is severe. I'm afraid that a great deal more manipulation of your penis,

both manual and oral, is needed.

I was able to attach the picsl. The last one is one I took a long time ago of a young man similarly


Dr. Dernüdt

Dr. Dernüdt:

Yes, I am beginning to see the importance of the treatment for my severe condition. I certainly

understand that my large penis and testicles urgently require extensive, ongoing treatment.

As you have intimated, big cock & balls require more, and more frequent therapy. This is the

price I pay for both size, and the long duration of no professional treatment for my deepening

condition. Spiraling into the abject depths of penile exhibitionism and increasing frequency of

mental reductive climax driven emissions. Since my penis has been so habituated, I understand

that my condition may present as intractable, and possibly therapy resistant. As you may

determine, more frequently repeating, more intense and longer sessions may be required.

i have no choice except to trust in your professional and attentive ministrations.

I greatly appreciate the picture of the patient with similar obsession that you sent. I see his

erection gives away his condition. Were you able to relieve his suffering, or did he end up in an

asylum for treatment? His posture with arms behind, is suggestive of one who anticipates, or

has experienced a strait jacket. I see his dickhead is swelled to a rigid, obsessive state.

I’m sure you were able to get many sex confessions from him with slow manual and oral

manipulations of his Glans. This therapy, unfortunately with restraints as proved necessary,

did seem to provide some hope in the first session you administered on my Glans.

My penis and Glans has regularly swelled to boner status several times during recall of of your

treatment. I am unsure if this is a positive development, since I’m such a new patient.

Perhaps it is a indicator of more and deeper required diagnosis. I understand if there are

embarrassing sex questions you might need to ask, sex histories near and far in time to be

probed, after putting me in this rigid penile raging state on your next visit.

As your medical specialty is so much in need among males in the Bay Area, you are most

welcome to use my case to illustrate the condition, and treatment, to others so afflicted.

In the depths of this disorder, I am eager to assist your efforts to care for the many so afflicted. 


Dr. Dernüdt:

I’m a slave to my dick.


Hello, Dick --

Your condition is even more grave than I thought.We can only do what we can do.

One step at a time.

Dr. Dernüdt

Hi, Dick  --

You certainly need help. I think might find trying on some more of the penis garments I've

constructed therapeutic. The more I think about it, the more I think it's worth a try. I hate to say

it, but the pervasive quality of your penis obsession makes you almost a lost cause. But don't

be discouraged, Dick. I'm not. I think that trying on a number of garments intended to

simultaneously cover and heighten exposure of your penis may benefit you.

You understand that trying on the garments will be accompanied by much intensive examination and fondling of your penis. I know you'll feel intense embarrassment when you are instructed to expose your penis. Before it is exposed, I might have to put my hand inside your pants to determine the extent of your erection. But you must submit. If your penis becomes erect, you will show it to me. I will examine it and touch its most sensitive areas, which will probably make it become more erect, which will cause you greater embarrassment. 

But your treatment requires exposure of your penis, and if exposure causes your penis to become erect and for you to feel intense embarrassment, you must endure it. Like you, those obsessed by their penises, must endure the treatment.

Let me know when you will be ready for another treatment. 

Dr. Dernüdt

It may take me a few emails to answer.

What I can say that might be helpful, is that I find that I must follow my authentic sexual interests if I am to expect a full response out of my body & cock & balls. Those real interests have been what has changed, as well as body and life changes.

Yes, I’d be happy to see you again, Dr. Bernard. Yes, I know more than ever that I need help with my obsession. With my cock & balls. The inescapable consequence of having a big cock & balls. Yes, I agree. I’m a dick. A slave to my dick. Getting mentally reduced more with every cumload. As I’m a dick plays on my iPod, my cock & balls are driving me crazy right now. I may indeed be a lost cause. There is no choice except treatment. You will find me a willing patient, despite the embarrassment of exam & treatment & necessary digital photos for the record. As your garments are examined for their therapeutic qualities. I understand that my embarrassment may reach new intensities. Especially so since this may take longer than our last session, as you try on different garments, and the intensive examination and fondling of my penis. Your hands inside, examining, manipulating, adjusting, fitting. Yes, I am eager to submit to the therapy, and gain its benefits. A full exploration of my intense embarrassment, how it is affected by my penile erection, and all that I might say or do in reaction is open to your professional ministrations. I understand as this grows in treatment intensity, that it may seem quite like I am going crazy, even like I’ll end up if I do not have the rigid assurance of your treatment. As an obsessive/compulsive penis in treatment, I know that I must endure this.  


Hello Doctor.

As you might predict, my penis obsession is continuing to command my idle hours and busy thoughts.

I had an idea recently, and while unconventional, I thought it might provide some useful diagnostic and treatment value:

I have a lot of porn, both pictures on my computer, and magazines. I know you appreciate the value of these items. If we were to review these, with the mechanism of... me, then you, describing the issues we perceive the youths in the pictures might be suffering from, we might achieve a breakthrough. I understand that you would need to be manipulating my cock & balls, perseverantly through this exercise, to fully discover my responses.You may have a long list of questions for me through this process, perhaps even more, as you gain deepening answers as you make meaningful strokes on clipboard and cock. I understand this kind of session may take a very long time, but that enduring treatment can bring me to developmental and advanced therapeutic opportunities. Please lead me to it.

As before, I am willing to accept any protocol, which may require manipulation of my genitals, and/or restraints, as you deem appropriate.

Another aspect which may deepen the suggested treatment would be for you to pose me as shown in the pictures, and then ask me probing questions about my mental and penile state in that posture. I am eager to have you discover, and show me, all that your trained hands and mind will diagnose with any and all manipulations of me and my penis that you determine are worth your investigative time and talent.

Let me know your reaction, and if you have available appointment time.

I have time this weekend.


Hi Dr. Dernüdt:

I hope this note finds you well, and engaged in your penis research and treatment protocols. Earlier we discussed the need for a manual and oral treatment plan for my chronic penis condition. Some things may make a reinstituted effort timely and effective:

I’ve retired from the workaday world. This means I’m at home, and can easily host house calls during weekdays. if your schedule allows some treatment time during week day hours, I’m open to it. While I’m normally a late morning riser, I will be available to you at your convenience between 8 AM and 5 PM. I am aware, that an early visit may wake me, and am curious to find where that might lead, since I always sleep naked, and would be very close to recent sex dream investigation, transcription, and perseverant morning erections. Treatments at bedside, with me in early waking state, could yield both compliance, and clinically deep investigative direction.

I am attaching a picture of me that you are welcome to add to my case file.

I am also updating my website. You can find it at: http://www.ninerdick.com

You may find several pages of diagnostic interest:




Dick Up to Date

As always, I’m willing to answer any questions, supply any information you may request.



3 pix above of Niner:

Dr. Dernüdt archives

Pix of other patient

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