Footnotes for Ninerdick - Superhero


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1. Name taken in vain or written on a weather vane: an old joke that references religious tent revivals in U.S. 19th & early 20th century - it was considered unseemly to put god's name on a weather vane because a believer should not use god's name in advertising (weather vanes were given away with company logos on them), and, providence, the preacher claimed, does not just blow with the direction of the wind, what with claims of unlimited power, greater than the wind or "natural" religions…something rural and midwest Americans could grasp, even as awe might be inspired in what they don’t know. But what the hey, why be picky; I’ll take the weathervane gig.

2. Cast Cock rings are cast in a mold, making them perfectly round, with no seams. These rings articulate very well, and do not pinch. Highly Niner Recommended.

3. Forged Cock rings are made from bent barstock, welded where the ends meet. This creates a bump, which causes the rings to pinch. Also forging cannot produce perfect roundness to the finished ring. They also sound-out more of a clunk than a ring when banged together.

  1. 4.Numerology: 9 = In Control; 18 = magic double power of Control. Note also, the sum of 18 = 9.

29 = twinning Control of another, etc.  

5. Coronal Rings: rings that fit behind the dickhead. That flare on the top and back of your dickhead is your Corona.

6. Some evildoers have even been observed in flight when Niner walks down the street, with the clink-clankety-clink of cock & ball rings easily heard from a  distance, often in a crowded place, even before Niner is seen.

7. Rings "work" Niner's balls, causing friendly intent in public, and magnanimous creamy flows, often with lasting stiction.