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Products and Services I use and like.

I was born and raised in PA. Rolling Rock was just there. I've come to appreciate it as a standard. There are many fine beers. And since moving to CA, I've discovered some exquisite homebrew, and nice commecial beers. But I return to RR consistently.

This is a scan of a paper label. I haven't seen paper labels in a while. This one is actual size. Print it out and paste it on a bottle. Scare the bartender.


RR is advertising in the Gay Press.

No additives/preservatives in this beer.

No RR Lite.


When a Rolling Rock gets too cold, some ice will form in the neck when the cap is popped. An iced Rolling Rock is called a Spermball.


Mad Dog has a fine rep. in SF and beyond.

He did my Cock Tat on my left arm, and the Sperms Tats on my right leg.

Mad Dog is an Artist of the skin. Additionally, he is able to help you develop ideas that will please you and others with the realization of the work. You will get compliments from his work. And finally, Mad Dog is a caring and careful service deliverer.



I got to know and like this place when I lived in DC. Its about a 5 hour haul from there, North of Scranton, PA. On a weekend there atee about 300 guys there, in all manner of accommodation from pup tent thru trailers and some permanent cabins. The place has a certain number of year round residents. Its on its way to being a private town. The owner is friendly and around often to see that everything works.

I esp. like that I can be permanently naked there, even at the evening Disco. They play "The Electric Slide" and all that stuff. Locals are friendly. The place is often filled to capacity, and there are theme weekends, so check ahead.


They printed my CockCult Tshirt, and did it well, with no problems. I'll use them again. Email them at: