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In the Month of April, 1998, as a result of the unrequested and unadvised listing of my website on a commercial Gay indexing service, My web page was hit very heavily. The analysis of "over bandwidth" data from the 23,732 home page hits, 65,661 user sessions, 1,042,665 total hits, and 5,223,788 k of data transferred from my website in the month of April, 1998 indicates that almost exclusively, the target was my Gallery Pages. This volume of hits and k transferred was generated by just 6 days of uncontrolled access.

My web pages are personal expressions, and not for profit. I will not put banners on my pages, because I have strong feelings that this degrades the viewing experience.

I have removed the block to my gallery pages. You may have access by clicking here. Please be advised that the pictures contained in my gallery pages are copyrighted by me and those photographers who took them, as noted on each image. They may not be used for any commercial purpose whatsoever. Webmasters are hereby notified that they may not use my content in any way, and I do not want my webpages listed on any indexing service.

To protect and continue my webpages, I may find it necessary again to protect my gallery pages. In the meantime, I'd appreciate hearing from you if you appreciate the availability of my gallery pages.


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