Ward In-Patient Daily Schedule:

7 AM Measurements & Dream Recording

9 AM Genital Multitasks & Breakfast

10 AM Hypno Session

10:30 AM Doctor Visit/Interview

11 AM Physical Therapy - Exercise - Treatment

12 PM Lunch Milking

1 PM Hypno Session

3 PM Interview & Performance Assessment - Staff as needed

4 PM Staff Review & Assignments

4:30 PM Recalcitrant Session

6 PM Supper Bone Chew -  avec du jus ou la sauce blanche du jour

7 PM Bondage Social with Video

9 PM Body Treatment - Rx Devices/Procedures - Hypno Session

11 PM Bed Check, Video Monitor Set & Night Staff Priorities

2 AM Bed & Genital Check

3 AM Bed & Genital Check

5 AM Bed & Genital Check




Diagnostics Regressions

Treatment Plan

Efficacy Reports

Predictive Goals

Niner’s Bed

Ward Staffing

    Drs: Psycho-Mentalism


            Phys Habituation

            Electro Therapudics

    Orderly Hozey

    Specialists on call:

        Dr. Dernüdt


Resumes and Prof. Applicants


Equipment Compliment:

Manual Devices

    Massage & Vibration


Electro and eStim

    Angel Pulse Massager

    Fuji TENS


    P.E.S, TENS


Boner Pumps & Milking Devices

Collection Ampules

Inhalation Devices

Video Monitor System

Patient Garments

Treatments, Therapy Sessions, Protocols, Exceptions for Recalcitrance

Files, Forms, Records and Reports

Patient Roster

Bed Charts

Patient Regression-Progression

Patient Referrals

Special Needs

Short Term Treatment Assignments

Typical Rx

Patient Interviews & Intake

Facilities Map


Pictures Ward Library

Porn Therapy Treatment Program

In-House Patient Video Archives

Public Domain Patient Histories

New / Referred Patient Submittal Form