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Dick and his Truck Dog

a Discontinuous and Dualbodied, Descriptive and Defferential Dialog.

Dick is a 2/25/47 GWM. Pisces with Leo Rising. 5'10", 135 lbs, who jacks off a lot, and likes being naked.

Dog is 1981 VW Diesel Rabbit Pickup Truck. Metallic OldGold. Dick bought Dog in March 1996 (with 211,000 miles on the odo) here in SF, were Dog'd been used since new by a company to pick up and deliver custom metalwork in the bay area. Name of Dog came to Dick in a flash on ride home from the Hole on 1/2/98.

I like being called dick. It has this dual thing with sex. And I like that others think about sex when they say/think my name. And I like that they see that I respond to it. That I know I am, and where I live; in my dick. That I rise to pneumatic alterstate. Mentally taken there as quick as I hear my name. And I continue behind this fleshpointer into my future. And make myself anew. For the child that came to my dick, and the sexcrazed maniacman that licks my lips at my every eyelidflick.


When I cruse Collingwood, I have to be careful playing with my dick. Sitting in the driver's seat, my cock bounces off that fat pad on the steering wheel hub way to easy. Its sensitive. The lightest touch makes the connection. But yeah, I like that. Play like that all the time. And the horn beeps. Beeeeek. I'm playing with my Dick. Machine. System.

DogHorn.aiff on link to hear, or ...Dog's horn in Quicktime movie (sound only):

I went out tonight. After ManCam (means late). To the Hole in the rain. After, Dog idled hot quick. Then growl up Ringold and around the block and the full block and back around & up Ringold. Idletorque pulling strong dieselautosteadyrightuptothecrosswalk. Then uproad around Collingwood slow waylowrev crawlaround and home. Feeling my goateebeard and watching the guys on the sidewalk. Get 'em in this hotblown cab. All that heat. Make 'em ooze it out. Like I do. Slow and torturous. Relax, its a nice ride. Warmish. Like I'm already home and naked. Nice loose lowhanging fat balls. Squishy cum-filled. Good Dog.

Cheap fuzzy white fakewool seatcovers. Just the right amount of scratch in their cheap. And the yellow splotches that are engineered for texture. Creamy swirls. Like the cum down your dick. Like the cum down my dick. Lick the cum down my dick. Cum down on my dick.

Maybe replace the interior. Custom dash with lots of dials all in black metalflake. Low glow of orangish-tinged light. Monitor every measureable aspect of this old engine with 212,000 miles on it. Keep the engine old, and greasy, but monitored like its on life support. A demo of noninvasive, age-respectful tech technique. Fat nubby tires, same diameter, no raise in the suspension. Seats with pads that adjust everywhere. Still fuzzy off-white & washable. A simple ribbed black rubber floor mat. Wipe up cum dollops easy. A Wink Mirror for wide angle rearview. A shortwave radio in the dash (no ignition static in a diesel). CB too. Antannae. Laptop bay. Hey, Dog could be a Cuseeme site, doing realtime cruise captures. Dog could Fetch.

Rainy again 1/3. Brought a cute guy all in leather (dual whitestripe leather pants that fit him excellently, and a leather CSA cap, trad. MC jacket) home from the Hole. He smiled so nice. I grinned back. He played with my dick from the time we got in Dog till we got out at home. I like my cock and balls played with when I drive. Delicious melt. I'da driven right past pistachio. Nice thick bigheaded dick on him, and very big fat smooth hairless balls. Oh man. Played till 4 and shot it loud for the neighbors. Hot gag him under my dick full hard. I love a stretched out goey slow gurggle & swallow. Loved how he begged to have it up his very pretty perfect boy butt while I laid close and stroked myself gooney lookin at his ass curve and hole. What a nice tease we did to each other. Big loads. Then he walked the 2 blocks home thru the cleared weather. A neighbor, and makin me think about fuckin him.

Dog has happy moments. Like going to a nude beach. Hauling Dick's cock & balls when he's sex intent. Or Winter, when Dick uses him a lot. He likes the rain. A public bath. And wiggling his bed on the slicked streetcar tracks. Reminds him of his juicy youth. When all his hoses were soft. A diesel doesn't mind the wet a bit. If anything, the extra moisture in the air gives a bit more vapor to his power strokes. He was esp. happy recently when J'Tao asked when getting in his cab, "Does this truck have a name?" And happy to haul Dick, J'Tao and Cedar from the Hole to the Castro that same night. 26" of cock and half a dozen balls in his 2 seat cab that ride. And he liked purring lowidlerev around Collingwood with Dick in pantsopen trawl, and the nervous 10" uncut boy in sweats Dick got into the passenger seat. Dog likes haulin around BIG MEAT.

Dog I had sex with. Hmm. Maybe somewhere in college. Sophomore. Landlady/lords's basement where the shower was. Oh no, that was a cat. They have this way of "if its not right it stinks a little bit, but I'll sniff it twice". I like that lesson from cats. Attitude pulls you back to the stink of shit. No the dog licked some. Till he got bored and wanted something else. Dogs are like that. You know what they are. Hungry. I like that about a dumb animal. They forget so well. But the dog was first. Boy Blue. Yeah, I was still a boy. Maybe more than one dog. Faithful. That I didn't confess.

There was this big dog when I had a paper route. My second bicycle route. A very big brick ranch style new house. With the back yard entirely enblocked in cyclone fence. Big blackish German Shepard, one was. The other was more like a tawny brown. Oh yeah. Brown one followed the blackish one. Loud and aggerssive. Barked and ran the length of the fence everyday when I threw the paper down. I thought about their bite. They would eat me. White boy. Chewey and mild. BoySalty cum. I could hang my cock and balls thru the fence for them. What a tasty 15 year old been teasin us for 3 years.

Appearance of BloodSperm.

1/12/98: 2 guys in a full sized truck on Ringold. Passenger showed a nice pretty and big piece he was workin on. I showed him a twin. I milked me cabside as he petted his meat, and told me all about his (well co-developed, as the driver's reaction indicated) fantasies, in adventure dialog, (I added) as if they were happing right here.

1/15/98: Found this guy walking around Collingwood with his very big cock hangin out of his pants. Smooth and boyish dancer body. Rode around in Dog. This guy loves to lick & do the slowsuck meat worship. He is very good at it. Creamy moans. A wonderful light drizzle/foggy/humid slow 2 hrs.

1/18/98: Dog around Ringold after the Hole. Ended up showin it in slow j/o, and shootin a load that sprayed up the front of my leather MC jacket, with 2 splotches hitting my black fabric cap. Lots of climax jerks. Wore the badges home.

1/19/98: Tall slim guy at the Hole. Got him to get his dick out in the Hole for a moment. Lots of promise in his energy. I'll work on gettin him naked at the Hole. Dog hauled him around a coupla blocks to his car, then he followed Dog home. Tallish, nice looking whitebread kinda guy with a longish nose, dark hair, named Mike. Regular nice looks and good tight body. We chatted. He wanted to do bondage and a lot of cock & ball work. I tied him up, and worked on his cock & balls. Sucked, stretched, chewed, generally had a good time with him laying there and moaning, telling me what he wanted. I tightened him up a couple of times, because he wiggled enough to loosen the ropes. He made it kinda clear that he wanted to be the bottom for this, and it worked fine for me. Kinda depends on the guy; if a guy is too physically big, I find him less interesting, and then get a little bored as a top. Then it is less interesting for both of us. I need to find something sexy in a guy if I'm gonna be a convincing top. Can be a lot of stuff: big dick, slim, rawboned looks, cute, similar fantasies, whatever. In his case, it was a general slim & clippered smooth body, and a good sized thick bigheaded cock, and his desire to get it worked over slowly with a lot of tease, while being tied up. Nice friendly cotton rope limbstretch and cbt play milked us to sequenced generous hot dollops. He was a little bit of a talker too (between moans), and that added nicely. I like a guy who can tell me what he likes, what his hot buttons are. If they are the same as mine, or similar, I get nice pleasure from doing it to him. I asked him a lot of questions about his sex habits, while working on his cock & balls. He answered, and squirmed around well. Eventually, I untied his arms when he seemed to feel the ropes a bit, and laid down beside him, stroking my own cock. He worked on his, and shot about a cup full of cum all over both of us. I added a goey load on top, then rolled over on top of him. My turn to squirm around for a few minutes. A little later, I got a hot towel for him to wipe up. Phone sex since, and a 2nd session on 2/6/98 below.

1/31/98: Sean's House Swarming Party in the Excelsior. Arrived 9 pm. to a house full of people. Apx. 1/3 from the Hole. Wonderful classic SF Party mix of people. All ages, couples, singles, gays, lesbians, undefined, and het types. Crowd was very comfortable, with people well dispersed thru 2 livingrooms, lightly in bedrooms and heavy again in kitchen. Lots of very nice food at this potluck party. Sean took me downstairs to the Doll Garden and terraced gardens. A smaller group gathered on a covered patio area. Back inside on the main floor, I chatted with guys from the Hole: Lus, Watever <mouth click>, Blue, (others whose names I don't know), and several guys who were new to me. One very hot young guy from the E. Bay hung out by the fridge with me, suckin beers. Another wiry/cute guy did a handstand, showing tight bellyskin. Chatted with Dr. Woof and Rory. Cruised the house to see lovely art in many rooms. Guys were petting and licking my cock tat on my arm. I wore a grey tshirt so that the balls (and some of the base of my cockshaft) of my cocktat hung out of my sleeve. Wore my grey loose too, so I was showing some skin below the waist. No one got naked, or into any sex acts, but there was a lot of cruise and touch. Late, a fresh baked steamy hot mixed berry pie was served to the glee of all. One woman knelt before another who fork-fed her the plum-like piemeat. Sean and his rommates provided a wonderful time for guests. I left at 11:15 for the Hole via Dog. On a later day at the Hole, I told Sean I wanted to be naked at his party the whole time I was there. He said that "...would have been fine, in my (his) house of course..." Yes, thanks. After the Hole on this party night, Dog and I cruised Ringold, getting home at 3:15 am. A phone msg. from a guy I cruised in front of the Hole last week. He came over about 4, and we played till after 7 this am. He likes having his mouth and face used. So he sucked me, I fucked his face, and he licked my balls a lot. I sucked him, swallowing his fat 7+" cock all the way to the balls over and over. It was a little more work to get both his fat balls in my mouth at the same time. Talked about tieing him up for a long session. Napped for a while after we both shot off. He left about 8 or so.

2/6/98: 2nd session with Mike from 1/19 above. Focus on CBT included (major points):

Lots of exchanged suck. Assorted cockrings, leather mitten cuffs, shoelace, rope used. Worked on ourselves and each other from 11pm till cum at 4 am: me under Bed Board, he kneeling, shot covering my face, and I shot, oozing out a load that puddled and dripped off the side of the Bed Board. Very nice session. Took him home thru rain in Dog.

2/12/98: Dog around Ringold after Hole. Boy jacks off at passenger window. Presses his pretty long cock against window. Jacks while others pass for apx. 20 mins, then gets in, we jack more, he pets my balls some. Heavy pea-soup fog late.

2/14/98: Mike cums over for a workout. Squats, Bicep Press, Roman Chair Situps, all with me working on his cock & balls: pleasure when the weights are moving, torture when they stop. He shot a huge load.

2/15/98: Dog brings Dino home for suck session work on my cock.

2/16/98: Mike returns for more. Finished up with some vibrator cup to his dickhead. He unloads generously. Sticky spackle everywhere.

2/21/98: Dog brought a tallish slim and tight veryfairskinned fairy boy home from the Hole. Cock & ball shave, almost no other body hair. Very long light hair on his head. A very nice outie bellybutton. A extremely nice long slim cock and biggish balls. We got pretty quickly into sucksex, and a 69 that went deleriously slow. I shot with him cumming before I was finished. Fell asleep. In the morning, I woke, after sex dreams, with a hardon. After a little mutual stroke up, we did another 69. Slow and wonderful. We shot off together. This guy is a good match. Dog took him home after breakfast & chat, about 3 pm.

2/22/98: Mike works out while I use TENS on his cock & balls. Then pages thru my porno collection while I work over his bigheaded dick. Slow him down with ball squeeze & stretch. He shoots a big juicy load. Then I shoot white sauce over his cock & balls. Dog took him home. He's off to Mardi Gras in Sydney.

2/22/98: Dog around Ringold after the Hole. I walked around some. Got in a new coupe with an Asian Boy. He has a very fat 6+" Jacked off with both of us showing our dicks to passersby and each other.

2/23/98: Dog got 2 qts. of new ultra premium grade oil. He's happy. Growled purr-like with idle pulling us both around Colingwood after the Hole. Very busy cruise for a Monday night. Cruise overflowing onto nearby corners. Lots of all types.

3/5/98: Mike is back from Sidney, and came over for suckoff-workout. Creamed his dick and lounged on the waterbed.

3/15/98: Mike back again; he brought a gift of an old handheld vibrator, circa 1950s, with a big heavy motor that sparks and smells like a Lionel train. I fixed one broken metal spring-strap. I found a way to hang it behind my balls, with the metal springs strapped over my cock & balls. Nice milkshake. Put it on him, and then used 2 other vibrators to add to sensation. Then we used pumps on our cocks. I completely filled my 9"x2" Tube, and my cock stayed fleshed up for hours after. Biggest pump fleshout I've ever had. Did the pleasure-torture routine on his cock while he did sets of presses and my cock stayed a captive in the tube. Teased him to the edge many times. He shot a huge load; I used the cream and spit to stroke off an additional load from my fatted cock.

3/20/98: Terry came by. A guy I met at Circle J shortly after moving to SF in 1995 in the Exibitionist's Garage, and has been back irreguarly since. Has a big black dick, the equal of mine in length, but a bit thicker. He likes getting sucked, and having his balls stretched down, admires my stretched balls, and pets my hard cock. He likes to shoot on me; I like the hot spatter of his cum, and the dialog we have about cock worship and slavery.

3/21/98: On my way to the Hole, I passed thru Collingwood; very busy before Midnight. Lots of cruise among a quite young crowd. Spring Equinox and fair weather, an attractive and hopeful spirit is in the air. Vaporous, transient, fleeting, but very pleasant.

3/22/98: A guy who got naked at the Hole invited me back to his room at BML. Smooth, soft boyish looks, and a normal sized dick that jumpes up 3/4 hard prety quick. I arrived, he had another guy in the room who stayed for a few minutes. We played with the curtains and door open. The place was very busy with lots of guys cruising around. Some big cocks stopped in. Light play with some suck. I left at 4 am when continuing serious butt play was the intention of the host and a very cute and happy/energetic guy who joined us.

3/24/98: Mike came over at 10:15, asking for more CBT. Hot tea in my mouth made his moans repeat. Tied him down in waterbed; arms & legs splayed, and a waist harness made of rope that pulled his balls down nicely. Worked with small woodshop clamps, closepins, tens, and a new, more controlable and intense heating pad. He shot a huge load that splashed all over his belly & chest. I massaged it to a foamy lather, and then into his skin. He left at 12:30.

3/25/98: After the Hole, went home with a regular, soaked in his Hot Tub, and got milked. Relaxed and sensual.

3/27/98 3 am: Cruised the streets after the Hole. Watched a bikemessenger boy put his bike in bondage and climb in a camper parked at curb to play with the guy inside. Saw Anton cruising. He has a nice long and pretty uncut cock. Sucksex in his truck, parked a few spaces behind the camper. Another guy came up to the truck, watched, and pulled his meat out.

4/2/98: Dog plays in a flowerpot: My friend C-man came over with a gift: pink-white snapdragons and dark red carnation-like flowers. Nice. First fresh flowers in my house in 2 years. After I put 'em in water, we went to compUSA in Dog to oogle new computers and software. When we were back in Dog and ready to leave, I drove forward from the parking lot slot intending to go thru the empty parking space in front of Dog. He saw his chance, and jumped into the concrete planter that I didn't see. Dog's right paw inside with the mud and water that this planter uniquely contained. Dog spun the muddy goo up over his fender, windshield and passenger door. Then he splashed the nearby cars. We got flattened cardboard boxes partway under his paw, but he was having too much fun to consider coming out. There was a smell like dogshit coming from the mud & goo. C-man said he'd go search for gravel or something. I suggested cat litter. In the wait, I jacked up Dog and positioned the soaking cardboard slabs better. C-man brought a 50 lb. bag back. I emptied it around Dog's paw. He hopped right out. Wasn't having anything to do with a cat litterbox. Or maybe he just wanted his own flowers.

Dog has lots of fantasies. He runs tall beside and around Semis/Tractor-Trailers. Recently he rode beside a huge white tractor-trailer with an extended cab tractor and molded roof faring that made the whole thing look like a very big mechanical white dick roaring down the road. He's anxious for Dick to hit the road and explore more of CA, because he knows Dick will be pulling into Truck Stops & Rest Stops. He can lay around between the big boys and roar his electric radiator fan while Dick measures up inches and miles. Dog syncs his decelleration overrun right with the biggest busses when they glide up to redlights. He wishes he had a compression release. What fun on SF hills. Sometimes he thinks about being a Diesel Railroad Locomotive. Especially when he's on some of the SF streetcar tracks. He likes those tracks. Especially on rainy/wet days. Combination of the slippery metal and his front drive mean Dick can ride with throttle control only. All the better for him to play with himself. Dog stays right in the wild thought groove while Dick squeezes, squirms and moans. More to cum.

4/11/98 2 pm: Mike came over for workout sex. He put on a barrel ring, about 2.5" long. It is slightly smaller diameter than an identical length one which I have. I found that it fits perfectly inside the one I have, as if it is a machined fit. He did squats while I worked on his cock and stroked mine. He shot a huge load, suprising himself with the stream of cum out of him that flew into the air over my head and behind me. I shot off with him. Mike gave me the barrel ring he brought. I put 'em together, and wore both. The 2nd one, adds weight to the stretch of the first. And you can slip the outer ring up and down in a jerking motion that looks and feels like you are jerking off your balls. I like it a lot.

4/12/98: Dog sent a dog into the Hole. And told him to lick my balls. I know he did it.

4/13/98: Mike came over, wanted to do more bondage. Tied him up on kneeling computer chair. He wore a electrical clamp intended for wire conduit, or something like that. C-clamp over cock & balls, with a metal plate that worked like a little shelf for his balls to rest on. I slipped a heating pad under his butt on the chair. Sucked his already hard dick, then snuck a cigarette lighter under the metal shelf and heated it up. His buttcrack & cheeks got all sweaty, and he felt the clamp/shelf heat up. Talked about cooking him. He got real hard, and I played with him, taking him up top the edge a couple of times. He's good about warning me when he gets too close, so I backed down a couple of times. Eventually he couldn't resist, and shot a ballistic load that flew over my face, some up and onto papers laying on the table. I heard the spat. Mike left the clamp for me to play with.

4/18/98: Parked Dog at Ringold & 8th. Lucky space on a Sat. Night, SOMA. After Hole closed, Dog & I watched foot and vehicle traffic turn up Ringold. Later moved Dog to the end of Ringold, at 9th. On the ride home, Dog oogled a brand new steely-blue Jeep. Dog growled as he sniffed the Jeep's tailpipe. Dog wanted to invite the Jeep into his garage. Interesting hybred puppies: Full-time 4WD Jeep w/ Diesel engine. Puppy would be a good model name.

4/21/98: First truly warm and humid day in SF this Spring. MC to Greg's house, and laid in the sun naked in his back yard. We got sweaty and blushed from the sun; nice intense sucksex after.

4/25/98-5/1/98: Dog and I went to Beltaine celebrations at the Fairie compound at Wolf Creek, OR. Some Hole regulars were there also. I'll post a report here in the Road Trips section, with hot links from here and other places. Dog liked a camo-painted truck that was in the parking lot there. A couple of days, I sat naked on his tailgate, sipped beer in the afternoon sun, and chatted with passers-by.

5/3/98: Mike came over for a workout and suckoff session. He wanted to do some upper body workouts, and ab crunches. I got him in the kneeling chair, and worked on his cock & balls while he did crunches. He oozed some cum, then after about 3 sets, blew a load that flew up on the nearby table, Making some papers there goey and wrinkley in spots.

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