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This page is not a review of the Hole. Thats available lots of other places, and not what I want to do. What I write here is a report of what I do, what I see, what I think, nice people I meet. Nasties are not. I don't meet them.

8/25/97: Had a discussion with bartender Richard. Very warm. I like his manner. I told him that I thought the Hole should be a Cuseeme site.

8/31/97: At the Hole naked. My friend Greg arrived, had some beers & chatted. Nice eve. Greg comments that the place feels real good. A tall goodlooking guy cruised, then came over, chatted about my rings. I introduced Greg, and asked what the tall guy was wearing. He showed me the neoprene cockring on his cock & balls. He offered to let me try it on when I told him I had never. I did, then doubled it over on my cock & balls. He said he never thought of that. I started to take it off, he said keep it. Nice.

9/1/97: Richard says I should do that internet thing. Wonderful smile on him. A young guy showed up tonight. I've seen him before, but not for a while. He was with/met friends. He has magnificent tattoo work on arms, sholders, back. We traded looks, and a few words. Maybe he'll be by himself sometime.

9/3/97: The dragon head near the back needs a tongue. I suggest: A flourescent plastic "string" that draws the shape of a cock & balls. Cock part down the throat, balls hanging out of the "0" shaped mouth. I have such a piece of plastic string, about 1/8" thick, and long enough to make it realistic size. And its flourescent pink. The place needs another dick. I played tonight with a self-identified Native Am. CA born. Nice dick. Touched & teased his dick. Made it dance. Young guys watched. Discussed my idea of a piericing on me at mid calf, left leg inseam. Put my cockhead thru it. Jackoff by twitching my leg muscles. Then others blew him. I put parachute w/ two 1 lb. black rubber colored ball weights on it. Sort of a mech. representation of balls, stretching my real ones. Seemed to blow some minds. The tattooed young one passed thru in a couple of quick loops. He looked confused. Comfort is slow.

9/4/97: Arrived about 11:45. Tattoo boy was there, near bar at pool table end. I said hihowareyou and he answered something positive. I kept moving to bar, ordered a Calistoga. Walked to back. A group of boys were there. Young, skinny streetstyle. Sexy bunch with more than one very. I watched. Moved around, got naked, watched all the bar. Returned to the boys. Eric from about a week ago showed up, said hi. Chat. Nice. Everyone moved around. Tattoo boy settled near the boys. I moved over, spoke about his tats. Some minutes. He moved next, we chat. Ride home was wonderful. Sometimes SF entrances me with the appropriate unexpected next level put right on me. This was one. 2 boys on 4 cyl. Sport Bikes rode past as I was getting on Hawk. I joined them. One appeared to be about 900 cc, the other a 600 class machine. Both turned with me as I rode on path home. They played on the streets in front of and around me. Teasing race games, and wheelies. They seemed to approve of the Hawk, but were showing off for me too. They turned off just 1/2 block before my place.

9/9/97: Arrived late, after 12:30. Place very empty. Got a RR & took off my jacket (I seldom wear a shirt under when I go out.). Left my loose on. A cute slim blonde boy came in, cruised around-moved around, sat across from me with a small backpack. Slow looks. The place got busier with a mixed crowd by 1:30. Young guys, older guys. I watched 2 couplings heat up. Some young guys with lots of tats chatted with each other. They watched blonde boy. He left, other young guys left. Blonde guy came back, and sat near. He put his hand in his crotch. I did the same. I opened my loose. He moved near, unbuttoned his 501s, pulled out a nice long & slim hard and pretty white-pink cock. Stuck straight up. I pulled out my floppy meat with regular rings. We showed each other our cocks. Some others watched, smiled, some heads bobbed a little. Lights flashed. The place cleared. Blonde boy walked out. I went to MR to piss, then walked to street. Blonde boy there. He came to my MC. Chat a bit about going somewhere to play. We ended up playing with each other right there, hanging onto a parking meter. His cock out, pants loose. My cock out, pants loose. Felt each other up, cock, balls, ass. A van circled 3 times festooned with antennae. Cabs slowed and circled. His cock stayed hard. His cock was very hot. His skin warm. Open mouths and tongues. I am to meet him there at MN Thurs. He left in a waiting cab with a smiling driver. I zoomed home the same.

9/10/97: Tools we have: Arrived w/ Greg, for a coupla beers. Chatted about some of my ideas about Personal Publishing. How rich the information would be if others were also reporting their public interface. Greg describd it as a living, online "Tales of the City." And some ideas he has about business ops. The croud changed rapidly and several times in the 90 mins. we were there. A young man sat in the barber chair, strummed on an electric guitar with headphones plugged into the amp-out, draped at his neck, so only he could hear what he played. He, then a mixed sex oriental group all uniformly darkly dressed, left. With second beer, I took my pants off. We watched a pair of Asian women dance with each other. In expensive looking silky dresses. Their actions/movements seemed Southeast Asian. Animated, good body senses. Not Chineese or Japanese. One brought the other past us to see my cock. Shortly after, the seer expelled a mouthful of her drink in reaction to something said between them. It spattered at the feet of the moment-ago tour guide. She ignored her friend's oral incontinence. Tattoo boy arrived. Quickly and loudly he told me that he had been given a $300 ticket for spitting on the shoes of a cop after jaywalking at Mission & 16th St. His closing comment: "I'll only be worse for it." He was caught in the indignity. The anger in him was real apparent, and expressive. I told him I saw that. Later he took his shirt off. We chatted a bit more with minutes between. I couldn't tell him anything helpful. Other interesting young & middleaged men came in. Some handsome. Greg took off his shirt to show his new and developing tat over left pec. Others, including friends of his showed tats at the asking. Including one guy with beautiful white skin, and lovely muscle shapes. The place felt like the street tonight. Everyone in transit, and self-involved. Lots of information hooks.

9/11/97: The peacock danced in front of me tonight. I arrived at the hole at 11:40. Hooked 2 helmets to the side of the bike. I'm early. Blondeboy is not. I watched haircolor to the back. I heard my name. Rod, a college friend was there. Welcome chat. I made a couple of loops of the place. Pissing long & slow decorious hot streams into the dirty trough urinal. Splashswipes making the mirror above have a clearer image. Blondeboynaught. 12:20 am: Took my pants off. Chat w/ neighbors. Touched my cockhead/piss slit and cruised. Feelgood fleshtaps. Intended pieceameat. Tatoo boy around and with his friends. I floated, watching sensational tailfeather tatflickers across the room and a glance back twice before whitelightflash. O the stories I tell myself.

9/13/97: Crowded and playful. An unusual combination. I got naked pretty quick. A guy with a big dick was being dryhumped by a faithful friend. Faithful saw the license and got naked too. He talked the humpee into shed. 2 slim and smooth regular kinda guys in the back got most of my attention tonight. One who stripped down to a pair of print JoeBoxers that suited him well. Brit in accent and manner. The other got naked pretty quick, and exuded a personal comfort that was infectious. Thanks guy. You helped us all. When he got his generous pouched jock off, I suggested he use it for a headband. He did. He had toys with him:

Handcuffs went on our cocks & balls. Yeah, we were close. Then both wristlets cinched on his cock & balls. When he was well hunched over with other decorious bindings, I gave him sips of beer. Evening just flew by, as 2 drags danced on the bench near the coatrack with go-go-strip-boy moves. Even those who shook their heads smiled. Everyone left happier than when they came in. Classic Hole.

9/16/97: RollingRaft. Thats what I ordered. Arrived 11:20. Mixed crowd, but busy, relaxed. I got naked. Cruised. My haven, the back benches."We have a dirttrail date " a lyric to some song. Big boned boy Sat beside & looked. Short chat. Good kinda guy was his presence. Others around. Guy with showoff permissions fantasy chatted. Then young guy with loose clothes and his dick hanging out cruises near. Very hot with his dick hanging out, big gague PA. Very. Um. Yeah. Shadowed eyes, left me unsure of his pleasure, more sure of mine. I like his dick hanging out. Permissions guy came back. Other eyefuls float. Rock music broken with a 40's diddy: a smoking commercial with no brand name. "Puff...puff..." Camel discount coupons are on the benches. Relational leap. How humans respond. Boy with toys from last entry, surfing on dance curls. Skin capture. I danced too after putting a lighted candle at my feet. Rubbed his sore back. He'd like a draft. Thats what I...And nice art so intensly wrought by his friendhecamewith who, nosedown produced half a dozen heavy red-black design sexdrawings in the refrigerator corner. To music I rubbed my bootsoles in the candlewax and water on the floor. Home. Happy.

9/19/97: The artful cruiser makes love to everyone in the place? I found myself more outgoing than usual, and at the same time in an intense cruising mood. Feeling strong & powerful. What a pleasure. Reflected. Visual investing in futures. My mind: "...we'll be waiting for the yes we'll waiting for the night to CUM..." (Our Song Yes 90125 c.1983). What really played: "...this is not the Summer of Love..." Gutsy bass undertones. Sweaty humid night wetting my dickhead. I touched my piss slit. Loose. Oily. Some chat. Beers. Drenched the mirror above the trough again. I gave away some wiresperms I made. Showed some guys how to hang 'em on the pulltab of their zipper flys. Goodly amts. of nice looking skin tonight. Boy with Toys with a fresh headshave. Chat. He is busy keeping up with others. Luz was there, back from country 2 weeks he says, and missing it. His WebPage is up. Tall slimyounguy: chat & watch. Magnetic in the arms of someone who knows him well. SOMAn1 showed at closing. Smile>hi>chat. Long absent in my note.

9/20/97: I wore 13 sanded rings on my balls. Like the pictures. Richard made halos with the lantern above Beautyboy buying a drink. He showed up as a service tech on my last job. A younger. Sometimes you say "Oh yes." Good taste and appetites we each have a sense about. A bountious season Fall is, and turning tonight. Eric passed by too briefly. Spent some time in front end of bar. Change is valuable, stimulating, a good spirit. SOMAn1 introduced an important friend. A lesson night, I note.

9/21/97: Frisky. 16th&rings: a harbringer of play, greeted me. Watched hot scenes with a blonde young guy making smiles on a guy in overalls. Themeing the eve. Others infected. Flashes of smooth buttcrack from several. And some tight, deliciouslick looking abs peppered about. Luz and others fluid about. Blonde curls a sub-theme, and important. A guy of priorplay cruised with feelers open. I'll touch, I'll tease, I...let him know with touch. Toby told me a wonderful story about accidentally dropping my business card (my cock and web address is on it) in front of hinterland homefolk. More wiresperms delivered.

9/27-30/97: So Folsom St. Fair is over and my Gay cousin from NYC is delivered to the airport. I took him to the Hole every night except FSF Sunday itself. He disappeared when I got naked on the street that day (so I was at the Hole by myself Sunday). He liked the men he met; mostly other visitors. No suprise. Harmonic pipes. I liked the Hole thru the heatup and after. Some regulars, and some help got a bit rattled. Thats ok too. No one lost it. We have more drastic tumult in SF than this Turf Tramp. Think of it as El Nino's first blowthru. Nights were warm, sweaty. The bar was even more like the streets. Yeah, I liked it. I have this predeliction for novelty. Watching the rape-intent has its enertaining moments. Nothing like being cheap trash in the town you don't live in to let you return to the town where you do. What wonderful postcard jackoff fantasies they took home. A guy with a polaroid coulda made a fortune. A slightly gooney and slightly handsome (a combo I like) guy Sucked and Humped with shining glee and goo allover his affect. The sperm flew. I admit to noisydoubleshots myself on both Fri. and Sat. And speaking of fortunes: tatboy flashed thru on Sunday. Ovo in pink and green, like he promised. Greg got there, late. And a goodlookingbigdickedguy from Toronto spent 4 hours tied in my bed on Monday. Wonderful encouraging wimpers and moans. Oh. Yes. I. Liked. It.

10/1/97: I dieseled thru light foggy rain. Tatboy very quiet, sullen, internalizing anger, it appears. I pull my loose down, showing base of my cock, folds of ball skin on the sides. A tease. Yes. Then take 'em off about 1. Message: pull it out. Others get into cruise mood after 1 am. Very cute young guy on crutches. Feely crowd. Everyone wearing some personal concern.

10/7/97: On & off chat thru eve w/ J'Tao. Friendly and pretty comfortable. I had nicknamed him Ocean Boy weeks ago when he wore a blue hued shirt that suited his coloring very well. He's a quiet, steady and warm guy that many call friend.

10/9/97: A sexintense Latin boy has been hanging here lately who is interesting for his lust surfing behavior. Stocky and a bit loose. Baseball cap always backward. He'll pull his big fat fleshard dick out of his pants, and play with it in a crowd, or allow suck. He sits with a sloppy recline. He rides an old nail festooned with stickers and phrases. I see him think, then begin an act, then change his mind. The switch keeps him from resolution, and sends others (and himself) away.

10/10/97: Arrived 11:30. Busy, mixed crowd, good playing spirits. I got naked pretty quick, lots of cruise. A visiting guy, kinda big boned told me that he wanted to get naked too. He resisted my pulling his shirt off, but was happy to have his fat and generous uncut pork hanging out. He was right in his claim that he always has a hardon. He got bolder, and made several quick friends. A hot piece named Pasqual (sp?) was there with his bright, pleasing smile. He was in a grope mood. I liked that. I unzipped his pants to help him get his very big meat out, and in the hands of a handsome twosome who took him out of there when he told them that they should make him do it. A delight of service. Smiles.

10/11/97: Arguements. I'm going to break my rule about not reporting on the nasties. Very crowded. Naked Dan there. We chatted, he had found my website on his own. He is rarely out this late. Long time since I've seen or talked to him. Nice to catch up. I got naked. 2 naked others danced. A guy from Canada asked if he could take my pix. I said yes, and asked him to send me a print. He asked others, some yes, some no. 2 guys took offense at the camera, both arguing with the photographer. I thought that everyone needs to know more about each other. Magnanimous me. I told one of the camera objectors that this rarely happens in here, and I thought it was usually between visitors. I chatted with several guys, One pretty young black guy who had his pants pulled down showing his butt and the base of his cock. Friendly. Showed me that he gets hard real quick, and says thats why he didn't want to get all the way naked. He, and Dan and I noticed another guy I've observed before. This one seems slightly psychotic, with an annoying habit of moving quickly, then feigning a self caught fall to get a quick feel; he was around and annoying several people. He is usually naked, about 45-50, 5'8" or so, about 160 lbs, darkish black skin, saggy jowls. He has stolen cigarettes and drinks form my friend Lus. I have seen him pick up drinks and cigarettes that are not his on several occasions. He has been thrown out of the Hole before. The young pretty black guy (tourist) took offense at the psycho, and told him to say excuse me. They argued. An older man in his 60s took his dick out and started touching those around him. He rubbed past me. I took a walk. The psycho grabbed at my butthole from behind when I approached the service pad at the bar. I caught his hand and pushed him away, told him To get out of here. He walked past me, then proceeded toward the door. He turned back to face me twice. I pushed him back around, and told him to go each time. He disappeared. I walked toward the mens rm. He was in the doorway to the mens room with his back to me. He turned around and tried to push into me. I shoved him back and told him I'd beat his face in. He hit me with a beer bottle , breaking it above my left eyebrow. A bartender came in, asked whats going on. I said: "He hit me with a beer bottle. See the blood." Bartender threw him out, and helped me with the gash on my head. I bled a lot, but we got it somewhat settled down. A guy came in, said he was a doctor. He said I need stitches. I got dressed (still naked) and cleaned up. Rode my Hawk to Daves Medical Center. 2 gay doctors took care of me. both knew the Hole. 40ish Dr. with a cropped goatee, and a young Dr. Young one said he was scared of the Hole. But that a lot of things scared him. Older one knew the Hole. So I got 5 stitches, slow and very careful by the young Dr. and now, at 3:30 am, it hurts a little. I'm home. I got the blood washed out of my helmet, and my clothes. I find some smaller superficial cuts/scrapes down my nose, above my lip and on chin. Probably in the swipe path of the bottle.

10/12/97: Sometimes you stumble into happy moments.Took my truck there, because of lumps, I can't get into my helmet. Unbusy night, despite Holiday tomorrow. Richard figures at least the School Teachers should be out. Friendly and supportive chat w/ J'Tao. He and Omar (and the rest of us) were well amused when they fell beside each other and between the empty beer barrels near the back. Everyone warm and supportive tonight. And email from SOMAn1. Yay. Thanks guys. Chatted with a guy (have to get his name) who has been on the edge of show & play, and is a near neighbor. Before & thru lightflash, 2 unknown goodlooking masc. guys and I did a sightline jackshow. Very hot. Looked like about 27" of cock. O man. We shoulda taken all that meat somewhere. I had the haul, too. Pretty pink triangle. And I like 3-somes. I'll ooze over that.

10/15/97: Seeing Farther. Lotsa cruse tonight. I got naked pretty quick, the place felt sexy. Pulse music. I note that a lot of heavy rock has a very strong tribal baseline. Why did I never notice that before? You learn stuff at the Hole. Good for us. Vitamin Music. And being naked, it soaks right in. Several guys got down to skin. I feel good. I carried my stainless wide ball ring in the Hole in my coat. I took it out, and heated it with the flame from a cigarette lighter. Took my time getting it hot. Then slipped it on my balls. It makes the ring expand so that it goes on easier. I guess it looks dramatic. Esp. when you put the flame tight against the metal so that its all blue. Looks like a real hot flame. Some German accented tourists asked: Yeah it heats up, but just to a moderate level. Latin Luster was there, with his dick out briefly. He was doing a nice animated/simulated dicksuck by putting some soft cloth thing (not his hat) in his mouth and bobbing his head. Warming up. He changed seats a lot. Omar moved around watching all widely. He was right in tune. seemed everyone was moving & watching via longer sightlines. Some questions about my black eye & stitches, and more chat & support. I was impressed tonight by two things: First was the change in the art in the mensrm. Above the Urinal. Last Wed-Thur. some new white sperms appeared. Like the ones elsewhere around. But smaller in this location. Now today, my first visit since Sunday, they are painted red. And decorated with silver plastic reflective shapes. And one is painted like a cherry, with silver crescent moon as a highlight. They spoke to me very personally, having bled all over the place in there on Sat. Maybe its a leap on my part, but I felt that art. Bloodsperms. I don't know who does art here, but thank you. Intended or not. Second, I was extendedly kissed on the black eye twice by the soft lips of a sexypretty skinny young guy. Seen and chatted before, but I don't know his name. Yes, I will heal faster now. I'd like to thank Mike, the bartender who helped me on Sunday. I've thanked him personally, now its public and deserved.

10/17/97: Futures. Doorman asks after me, says that guy won't get back in. Chat w/George. He helps me off with shoes, pants...make it part of a scene, he says. We size up new talent in chat. Cruise around. Richard comments as we pee together at the urinal, (well, he peed, I took longer) that I am healing well. I agree. He continues: Asks about my healthcare (I'm covered). The guy is 86'd permanently. He says they don't do that unless someone is extreme, because they consider the bar is a refuge for everyone. I appreciate and embrace that. As I walked around, I heard a guy comment to his friends about "...that metaphor in the bathroom..." The Sperm Art is fading/wearing. The Cherry endures. Change. As is the Hole Art's character, this interactive and living place. I like it. Stitches out, I'm new and improved. And happy to let the history lay. Brief chat w/ sexyskinnykisser guy. Not a busy night, lots of new faces, esp. late.

10/18/97: New Wind Blows. Seasonal cooler air. A attraction to body heat. Hurricane Frank is back, waving full crack with dance. A guy who calls himself Animal Man appeared. Crazed masculine with a pawprint tat on his neck. Buzz cut. Growls. Boy affections. Very interesting. Formally dressed males, some as couples, with some drag happened thru. They admire my c&b rings. A group of mid 20 makingitboys did the same, had questions and hungry looks. Greg arrived w/ Ovo. His last night in SF before returning to Berlin. He showed me and others his wonderful fresh (day old) tat from Mad Dog. Greg may publish before & after. Tat is an illustration of a poem Ovo's Dad told him repeatedly, about training the vine enough to produce bountious grapes. Ovo has developed the concept to include handcufs on the grape vine. About 3", multiple colors, above his cock on shaved pubis. A beauty.

10/19/97: View in a linear sequence snaked thru the crowd: Suckface - a tall and willowtwined pair; A loud cockadoodledo yellout - into an open dark mouth; A vacant stare; A confusion search - thru pockets with music beated body jiggles; A bare fleshydick - largish promise guarded with masterfingers and occasional touch.

10/23/97: Devil Behind plays. Crowd responds. Another idea for mod at Hole strikes me: build a one step-up platform in the back, with a cock & balls shaped light projecting up from the floor thru the Dragon Tongue I suggested on 9/3. Would also project a cock shape on the ceiling above the dragon head. The light would charge the flourescent phosphors in the tongue, so that it'd glow when someone blocked the cocklight by standing/walking over it. Step up a bad idea. Guys would trip. A guy shows up with a dog. Tallish, broad sholdered, in a jump suit with contrasting/glowing stripes over his sholders like backpak straps. The dog stays near him, watches him. A song with lyrics about the singer being an animal plays. I sit naked, wondering if the also naked dog might ever envy clothes.

10/24/97: Sexplay & Cruise. I stand at the heavy chain near DJ Booth, pet my cock, touch myself, play with cruise. I think about descriptive names for the play I'm doing: Jackoff Techniques. Others in playful mood also. A masculine sharp featured guy, and Dolph play along nearby, cocks out. Others around, including Omar, and the Latin Luster, name: Rick. Slow tease. Eyes bounce. I am intermitently in heaven.

10/25/97: NakedDan here tonight. Chat in a couple of locations, as he and I move around. Lots of movement in the bar tonight. Many new/different faces. A cute boy with black plastic heavy framed squarish techie glasses. Looks bright and amused as he watches me play and cruise. Lots of sexplay again tonight. Strong energy carried to street at closing. Out front, a big crowd as the gate closes over the Hole. Chatty/noisy. And street traffic is animated too. A old grayish Chevy zooms past and up to a import with young women in it. Cops come behind. they eventually give chase, and I observe that the cops have a "yellow code" (my name) that they use to pass msgs. It displays on the backside of their overhead lights. Email me for details. Also, a white institutional van passes, I see a flash in the rear window, and I complete the vision with takeaway fantasy.

10/27/97: Multiplex Motivation. Small and warm crowd. Mondays are quite nice here. Regulars, relaxed. Long term cruise. I like the comfort. Some tall dom looking guy watches me do PissFountain play at the Urinal. Crowd and I like the early Billie Holliday (and other music) that is played, and wonderfully mixed. I take the ease home, and do a jackoff video: Still Capture.

10/28/97: Moderate crowd, with many unModerate late arrivals anxious to play. They blow thru and are gone. Speedy transit. I do steady chat thru eve. w/ J'Tao. Late PissFountain gets more audience.

10/29/97: Anticipation. Lots of cruise, looks, glances, guys sitting back and watching each other. All the hot regulars are here. Early chat & move around settles into studly study. I kept my pants on. Eeks! I watched others and thought about sex with them. Each. Vibes got thru. A good night.

10/31/97: Halloween at the Hole. Arrived at 10. Busy. Few regulars, lots of new faces. Permissions in costume. I wore dayglo orange sweats and black tshirt with orange halloween figures, black leather jacket. Took it all off pretty quick, but liked having the seasonal rags with me. Festive and friendly. Met some new talent. Maybe next year I'll take a pumpkin with cock sized holes cut around it. Then drool lube inside. And a hand hole in the top (or should it be the bottom? both? Yeah, that works.). You get the picture, right? A very nice eve.

11/2/97: Some of the hotter guys from recent weeks showed up tonight. And some new faces. Seemed to be a group looking to extend the good vibes of Halloween. Sex intent group, with a goodly amt. of play watched by all. Right up till after the lights came up, lots of hunger driven grope. BTW: the dragon head at the rear has been moved slightly to the side. He is looking directly at a hanging construction of chain formed like a cock & balls, with a big curved half moon metal thing that looks like a hard cock (from one angle), or a hook, with a male looking doll on the end of it. Kinda bait for the dragon.

11/3/97: The return of serious magic. Both. Richard tells me that "the nakedbutt guys" were here and they went somewhere. I answer with hope certain of their soon return. A tallish flyopen smooth boy shows in high cuttoffs. He tugs at attentions and his shorts. He's soon away in cumpromise mirrored. Fastboymilkpure. BarberChair gets me naked. Lus there. Again longaway return from Wolf Creek. Chat. Touch. He gets naked. Omar there. Chat. Wizarded back tat bare return. Eye capture. Inside thru late eve, and outside briefly after, cruise entreatments spell long with somesmilestruck preference. O. Man. Yes.

11/4/97: Chat w/ Lus, a friend of his shows unexpectedly. Chat & cruise. I sat back, touched myself a lot.

11/5/97: Interesting for many to watch a guy tonight: 30ish very average athletic bodied nice looking lean and wide sholdered black guy with a strong masculine manner. Pretty high. Animated. Told me he was looking for a hole to fuck. I told him I don't. He showed me his handsome cock & balls. We could be salt & pepper shakers. A matched set. We laid them side beside. He showed it to others, usually loudly. Pulling his pants open and down each time. I told him he should get naked (like me). He feared for his butthole. He humped on Lus for a moment or 2. I joked w/ Lus about being a hood ornament on that fast black Buick. George arrived, and watched the show from the BarberChair with some concern. But the guy turned a softer side road right away after telling me that a hot mouth might be OK: Sat back after 6 or 8 engine displays to all of us. He got the giggles. A boy at the wheel now, just idly kicking his feet into the air.

11/6/97: Guy from NYC introduced himself in aggressive East style. In such a hurry to write empty history around his expectations. Some regulars arrived, one in white shorts & t-shirt, and some kinda loose partial chap/apron thing. He chatted w/ NYer. The regular caught some spirit: his dance led to the floor. In some leap of purpose, he wiped the beerwetted floor with his t-shirt. All of it. Like a scrubwoman, on his knees. NYer asks if we see this reguarly. I affirm.

11/8/97: A lot of talent in here tonight. Very busy, many people around, everyone fluid and watching. J'Tao, Tim (Cedar), Lus and a boy with chin tats whose name I don't know. He is newly on wheels, and is psyched as he shows it. A new looking minimal black scooter. A mixed sex group from Berkeley is there, with a tall very smooth whiteskinned guy who dances with very nice body twists. He's watched by many. I think about him squirming around in bed. I was. Chat with him. He's a bit guarded. Female friends give him a lot of regard. A Brit guy shows up with a 4mm captured ring in his nose. Apx. 2" dia. Chat. He says he has a larger one for his cock, the piercing for which he describes as a "Victoria". As he explains, the pierced hole is thru the topside of his cock, 180º around from a PA. Lots of sexyothers I'll watch for in the future.

11/11/97: Unbusy, I guess from Holiday yesterday. Spent much of eve in techchat with Pascal. Infectious warm smile on this goodlooking guy. Makes ya wanna put a wet appendage someplace. Many others rather quiet tonight. Warm and friendly chat w/ George. His new cut is magnificent, esp. when he's platted. Sorta like a big alligator layin' on his head. I like. His birthday today. Lus had one in last few days, too. Sexy Scorpio boys, Yeah. A tall goodlooking guy showed up with a fuzzy Chow-type dog. He pulled down his pants for a polaroid portrait by George. Very nice pretty and long dick. Hangs at the top right.

11/12/97: Lots of cruise & smiles tonight. Opportunities. Omar & friends. Outside after, more cruise. Shoulda brought the truck to haul it home.

11/14/97: Trucked to the Hole; a busy night. Crowded. J'Tao and Lalo in warm social chat in the BarberChair. Lots of unknown and interesting guys.

11/15/97: Variable night for crowd. Intense moments, with hot cruise and available men. Then moments when there was space to move around and get better sight angles. I was not alone at touch displays. A team of tall slim guys got into it too, entertaining many. One had a huge long piece flopping in many hands.

11/16/97: Lots of display. Me and others. A nice looking skinny boy with the butt torn open on his jeans. Very intense, quiet cruise, got going when another guy got naked, sat near and touched himself too. Nice thick clippered meat. 3 of us worked off each other. Shoulda been cum flying right there. Cruise outside continued, and worked Out. A Hole Street Poem, gleaned from last few days.

11/22/97: Busy Friday eve. I sat back by DJ booth. Many regulars and new faces floated and cruised and felt around. Mike from the neighborhood where Godzilla stands, and Joe, a v. nice looking young guy with a big cock arrived late. V. nice play and away carry. Kept me Up.

11/23/97: Ranger appeared with a daddy (with Octopus tat), back from Tennessee. I remember him from somewhere, a while ago. An unusual, leansexy guy. Many watched him move like an animal around the crowd. Including daddy.

11/26/97: Turkey Eve. Very busy, with lots of regulars: (order of arrival) Lalo, Lus, Dolph, J'Tao, Omar, Pascal, Brian aka: Raven. (Named by one regular, Todd, as "the Slave with Castinettes") and others. J'Tao in BarberChair with surround of friends. Several nice instances of frendly interface panthrong. Thru town on way home after close, many people were out, with social intent. Good feelings gravy-boated around. A spiritual ladle lick.

11/27/97: ThanksGuysDay. The Hole guys set the mood, and it worked. Food passed around. Smiles from the Bartenders. Douglas wore a shirt that said "enjoy". The place was pretty busy, without many regulars. What wonderful cruise, with good vibes from the staff, and lots of new/unknown faces. Sincere and pleasant.

11/29/97: Chatted with a sometimes naked stocky middleaged guy named Ron in the back about how we like the Hole for the same reasons:

11/30/97: Not many regulars. Change is in the wind. Greg with visiting Rosa von P. His distracton total as tongue found its way down the throat of a tall darkly handsome boy. in the Back, Ranger and OctoDaddy peaked when mid-floor, Ranger pulled his pants down for all and (especially) his pelvic-thrusted glee. Quite nice display, even from my obstructed backside view. On street after closing, lots of extended chat and negotiation for continuance.

12/1/97: Several street guys danced by waving & jerking their arms, but no kinesthesis below the sholder. Otherwise light and quiet crowd, with lots of foot traffic about 1 am. Nothing stuck.

12/3/97: Ross, a light framed guy with lomg hair and a nice tight youthful body was naked. I got naked, and a third guy also stripped down. He threw a big boner that everyone watched go down very slowly. Friendly chat with Ross. A short slightly dark & stocky guy showed up, in moderate Elvis drag. He floated around, then brought a Pool Cue to the Back, where he played it like a guitar standing atop the seat cushion on the BarberChair.

12/4/97: Friendly resolve. J'Tao, Ranger, OctoDaddy, Ross, and a guy nic'd Whatever <mouth click sound> all around & chat. A fine relaxed and comfortable eve.

12/6/97: Crowded & busy. Disorganized, with no center or focus, but a lot of move around & touch. J'Tao in chat w/ stylesame friend. A young boy with some extra milkfat on him, but fine happy spirit chatted about wanting to be naked. He got into feeling around. Very nice experienced hands on this boy. He has been doing his homework. Long hours in his room, no doubt. He had no delay or reticence about having his own cock & balls loose for others as he did the corner tour. Mike from Godzilla Hill around in chat and feelup mood. Elvis from 12/3 settled into refrig. corner, hands ready for all cummers.

12/7/97: Busy for a Sunday, and a rainy one. Friendly moments, with Bartender Richard's smiles and BarManager Mike liking the fresh weather. Tim (Cedar) hangs out & chats some after long absence. Quiet cruise with treble-harsh music.

12/8/97: Hung out & cruised. Kept my pants & MC Jacket on because of the cold. But left my fly open so my cockshaft showed. Plenty of stilled stares. Chatted with an interesting guy from the E. Bay named Dino. Assorted tats, I liked his belly tat best. Ask him to show 'em.

12/10/97: Busy, fluid, friendly. Omar around, chatted briefly. He and his friend Terry chated at length. I did the same fly-open cruise as Monday.

12/11/97: Busy, warmer. The nakedbutt guys Richard named a few weeks ago are here and bare tonight. I stripped down too. AnimalMan is around, in confronting but ultimately friendly form. You'll know him by the wolf pawprint tat on his neck. A friend of his brought him to warm hugs. I chatted with a guy who said: "You have a much nicer Aura than the guy you look like." I added that to my new and beginning list of complex compliments. Ranger and Omar spent time catching up. Ranger and OctoDaddy are subdued and relaxed, as if something is accomplished. I noticed this first on 12/4, above, and it sticks. Pascal around & chatty w/ many. Told me he is cruising a hot Latin Boy. The Latin Boy was well entangled in the arms of a Freaky young guy in a knit cap (I know him from here, but not his name). They got well into sexplay in the back when they sat down beside me. Very nice team. Pascal came back to watch and commented: "...he's everyone's ideal..." Freaky guy gave Latin Boy undivided attention; lots of smiles from the Latin Boy. Its often the case that you take Nice Notice of someone when they are busy with another. You see what they can do. Later they floated around. Latin Boy from the E. Bay, told me at the urinal that he was looking for a ride home. A tall guy with a long pointy impressive beard pissed straight up to sholder height at the urinal. I shoulda marked the wall. And speaking of, there are some Very Nice chalk line drawings of cocks and balls all in a row above the sink. Make sure you see these holiday decs. Slave w/ Castinettes was there with 'em. Freaky guy came to the back and danced with me as I jerked also to the music.

12/12/97: Very crowded late, with a lot of young mixed sex couples. Only a few regulars in the crowd in the back. George and I had a discussion a few days ago about the changes in the crowd at the Hole. There are several theories floating about: personal challenges before several regulars, widening business interests, new employees and shifts, seasonal weather changes, etc. George and I agreed many of these are true, and the effect is cumulative. Add: No Smoking Rules set for Jan 1. All fuel volatility; the future is unknowable.

12/13/97: Hole and Eagle Christmas Party at the Eagle. Started slow and easy, with lots of familiar faces by 7 pm. Food was nice. Grilled BBQ Chicken, and covered dishes. I took a bag of pink grapefruit, and a bag of West Virginia Mountaineer Apples (hard, crunchy, tart, good for boys). The people in charge quartered the grapefruit, and put the apples in a nice basket. Thanks for doing nice presentation of my contribution. The food lay was delicious, and excellently balanced. And, plenty for all, including leftover chicken for late nibbles. Tasty potato salad, and wonderful baked beans with soft baked bacon strips. I watched several helpers manage the grilling with impressive productive rotation, and care in cooking. There was a sweet bakery cake, and candies passed around late. This event was nice. I chatted with some guys who frequent the Hole at times other than the late hours I'm normally there. That was wonderful. There was some traditional Hole activity, esp. on the patio. Yeah, I had my cock & balls out, hanging in the fresh, cool air. Chatted with Richard about the crowd. Eagle is changing for the better. Cowboy gives way to a vision and development that is now taking shape. The large oval etched glass eagle, formerly inside the main bar is moved to the patio, where light can play with it and it can be seen in the round. If not protected yet, a coating brushed on both sides of plastic wood floor sealer will offer thermal and shock protection that will insure its longevity. When the live music started, apx 8 pm, the crowd filled the main bar, and was well pleased with the energetic "standards'" played by the Freedom Rockers, featuring Douglas, Bartender at the Hole. I have to say that I spent some nice fantasy minutes watching the cute drummer. Some others, unknown to me joined the band for tunes. At one intermission, two guys played some freeform rifs on 2 elec. axes. At a moment or two, a circuit breaker kicked the amps & lights off. But the indefatigable (but faggotable, I ask?) drummer beat right thru to electron restoration. Late, I went to the Hole, where the crowd was intent on intensity, and more friendly contact. I relaxed on the bench at the back, with plenty of liquid fantasy about the skin the drummer might be encouraged to show.

12/14/97: Arrived late, after CyberPlex. Light crowd, w/ Omar & Terry, and a guy who talked about the time Jerome dropped a joint thru the bench. The regulars seem relaxed & happier. Ease. A subtle comfort that sneaks up on you and you don't know when it started exactly. Richard chats, reminds me of Solstice 12/21.

12/15/97: 50s guy sitting in BarberChair, pulls his cock out and says to another guy with him: "...If I can't do it here, then where can I do it?" He then jacks a nice sized fatish cock to full hardon with biggish tight balls also out of his pants. Later he repeats the phrase. Another middleaged guy in glasses sits on the bench, givin' 'em the hole. I get naked slowly, and the first 2 watch me intensly as I cruise the world. Weather is cold, dryish, and it feels like a night of isolation for each. All leave silently. I am reminded of my adolescence when the proper response of being thrown the finger was to throw up 2 fingers. Now, with the distance of my middleage, I understand that the 2 adjoining middle fingers raised to a fuck you is the perfect queer response.

12/16/97: Arrived late after Tuesday Sucks. Some street guys occasionally here pass thru with no one staying. Everyone in transit. I suck down a RR and join the moving intent.

12/18/97: Friendly vibes. Chat w/ Lalo about his Go-Go Boy gig at Freak Show tomorrow. Discussed how to ease into it, find ways to have a performance work for him, and the crowd at the same time. I suggest Vaseline body slather. It clicks in. Cute boy who was on crutches weeks ago is now moving with a single cane, and in a happy, feely mood. We chat. Chat also with a masculine and handsome guy from E. Bay. At urinal A Latin guy from E. Bay and I did slow pee as we watched each other's generous meat magnets fluff up. Very friendly. The CD sticker there is his. Fairly busy.

12/21/97: Solstice Party at the Hole (see also the theme-related Fairie Solstice Party). Cotton batting and Christmas lights and silvered paper and styrofoam stars hung kinda casually. The lights dimmed and brightened, almost randomly. Several guys got confused/amused by this. Paper streamers swung around on the ceiling paddle fans, lapping at patrons in high spirits, with many guys jumping and dancing. I arrived about 8, the party was in full swing. Richard and other Barttenders were pleased and happy. Crowd was fluid, despite the full numbers. Only another guy and I were naked, but there were plenty of interesting displays at the urinal: puffy, pumped, fleshy, long, pretty, boyish, manish, darkish and pink were some noteable dangling, hanging and hung pieces. And speaking of whats hanging: the Dragon Head in the Back was bent a bit recently. No one knows exactly when/who. The nose squished down, and eyes askew. His static lamp brain is also off center. He looks quite drunk. Like the crowd he lorded over tonight.

12/24/97: Christmas Eve at the Hole. I didn't expect the intensity that many showed tonight. I imagined a mellow night with some warm feelings. But many guys were one or more of extra: loud, agressive, anxious, animated, affectionate, friendly, knowing of others, neckish. Chatted & greeted many: Boy with Cane, Pascal, Lus, Douglas, Ron, Patrick, Brian, Dino and others. Others in strong character included AnimalMan. Some of us watched a sweater-clad young boy (not a regular) make out sweetly all night with a guy in loosened leather. Also one of the BareButt guys stood appreciatively for a lot of petting from a young masculine man who couldn't take his eyes away from all that skin. And another suprise: the cotton batting installed for the Solstice Party on Sunday now are obviously figurative. One looks like a big lion-like mask, and has a strong resemblance to one of the owners. Another looks like a sleeping wolf or dog. Another like an alligator. Another like a nice big cock & balls. Don't know if I missed seeing the figures on Sunday, or if they have been refined/modified since then. Contemplative eve, ended when wakeupstun left angst with the crowd, when the last sound from the speaker at lights on was an angry loud lyric: "...god dammit."

12/31/97: New Year's Eve. Pretty and busy, both. Patrick aglow with description of Pascal from Christmas Eve thru the next day. Greg wore an athletic shirt with a black screened Tribal design in an inverted triangular pattern that was entrancing/hypnotic. It brought many a boy to his lap. J'Tao in corner chat with others. Ron around. Brian lit Rebirth Inscense he brought. There were a lot of un-regulars in the crowd. A tall slim guy with lumpy sholders, with a 10" claim on his baseball cap logo and hustler style made much extroverted conversation. A middle-aged short man in a fedora and black plastic glasses was spirited and loud with repeating "Yesss" yells, dancing and intensing around. Omar and Terry studied all. The Truck Trailer flip sign above the urinal said Drive Safely with "we love ya" magic markered on it. The cotton animals hanging thruought the bar were reworked to new/refined shapes. New Barback (cute not fullgrown dark looks) and Bartenders passed out multiple and various traditional NYE trash:

Festive. I walked around a lot, naked and boy-happy.

MN brought the barnosmoke law. Right after the NYE music, two smoking songs played. 2nd one was "Smokin' In The Boys Room" So now the Hole is a place of more sin. Patrick asked days ago about what might happen. I thought that it might polarize the crowd.

1/2/98: Took truck thru light rain after ManCam. Streamers still hang from some stars. A couple of couplings, and a couple of smokers. The air is noticeably clearer. Richard says the bar was a dream. He says he didn't have to go outside for fresh air. He said that most of the smokers, at least from the front, went outside to smoke. He asked about NYE. He worked the Eagle. Says it is to be the smoker's bar. They decorated for it. Hanging cigarettes and puffs of smoke from them. He says they plan to make the back bar (next to the patio) the smoker's hangout. A light crowd for a Friday at the Hole, but pretty cruisy with long sightlines used by many guys. Richard was right. The sidewalk has hundreds of butts on it. Amazing the psyche is working. Smoking is an outside, public space activity. Well, outdoor advertisers loose. The ads are now unpaid living billboards required to be in public space. Betcha BigTobacco makes a bigger profit when they figure this out. Wonder which co. will, first. First illustration of their new success, and the psych success is the withdrawl from collateral 2nd generation business (Advertising) I wonder if Gov. realize they set 'em up for this success? Textbook economics. Enough words about a drug I don't use. DieselDog home.

1/3/98: Moderate rain pouring off some buildings in torrents. Took Dog to the Hole at 12:30. RR and naked right away. Boy with Cane in refrig. corner. Dolph extra fuzzy & chat. Others friendly, chatted. An older writer guy comments that sex takes over when conversation ends. Tells me to think about it. I'm still thinking. What if all you talk about is sex? A naked rergular had a nice RadioShack Robot Arm. I'll have to have one. Tomorrow. Rick the Hispanic masturbator passed thru. Whatever <mouth click> showed late. Cute Leather Boy smiled a lot. Mike the Mgr. admonished some smokers in the back. The air is amazingly clean. Unbelievable. DJ in repeated multiple-song sweet liplocks with a peer. Some cotton animals are disappearing. Others are retouched. Some straight couples, and a few dyke types in clot-groups with coats and sweaters tied at their waists like skirts, peppered thru the half-changing crowd.

1/4/98: Crowded with a number of young straight couples, groups and singles. Most smoking tobacco. For an extended period they outnumbered gay guys, and dominated the back with noise and dancing, and stayed till closing. The sin tour, it appears. Some regulars were amused by the exuberance. I found myself getting out of their way often.

1/5/98: Very friendly night, with hellos and chat going in every direction. Seems to be an outflow of personal energy, which all are interested to share tonight, at least in the Back. After 1 am, a fight near the Pool Table nearly cleared the Front. I didn't witness it, and don't know the issue(s), but all parties left. Far fewer straights tonight. Cold weather slowed me down, took about an hour to get comfortable and naked. Several others were bare to waist also. I chatted with a senior SOMA resident of 14 years who had fond and rich remembrances of bars long closed. After close, the street in front and Ringold were unusually busy for Monday.

1/7/98: J'Tao, Cedar, Terry, Rick, Boy w/ Cane (had a new fancy one, with a screw off top) and others among the regulars. George arrived late. Nice warm hug from him. A guy with wonderful scalp tat. Head is shaved now. He says he just had it retouched. Ah, yeah, the shave cause. The older WriterGuy had some words to share (I'll have to get his name). One of the owners was tending bar, relaxed and friendly to all. A fair amt. of skin for a Winter eve. Spent some minutes in the Front, to see the spirit there. Casual pool and cruise was the focus. No drama on any front. Doorman played a scratch-intent but very competitive game. A bit warmer, but I kept my pants on tonight, just sat around with waist button and fly open, flashin' it late. A prelude.

1/8/98: Lots of strangers/unknown/little known guys. I got naked right away. Whataudience. Some chat. SharkBite Guy (recent short chat about why his foot is bandaged) on crutches. A pretty highed up big boned black guy moans/sings his own song to whatever music played. The mechanism of reverential act, he well demonstrated. Chat/touch with a guy I wrestled with months ago in the Hole. Sexwrestle went strong then, and his grip shows the memory. He licks my head. Boy with scalp tat looks good. Yay I got the BarberChair. A guy asks about my coronal ring, where the name comes from. Later, J'Tao, Terry and Omar. Songs. Sirenic fantasies. A trip away.

1/10/98: MC to the Hole. Quite busy, with a varied parade thru the place. Richard says I should do webjackoff at the Hole now that ManCam is ended. I agree, and plot how. Late, with heavy cruise and sexy guys around me in the back, I stroked it up pretty good. Some watched, 2 others got their meat out, and another rubbed a sizeable piece down his pantleg.

1/11/98: Day was intensly rainy. Took Dog to the Hole. Settled in naked quick. As soon as I got my pants off, I found the fragrance of balls and sperm. What a nice waft. The 3 loads I shot so far today. I couldn't have smelled it in the prior smoke environment. What could the bars be like if we could smell sex on each other? I bet we could get good enough to recognize others by smell. Smell is mapped to a rather primitive part of the brain. Reactions are therefore necessairily emotional in character. What a wonderfully colored picture of the future: a guy sneaks up behind you, covers your eyes. You get a picture in your mind from his body odor, and your cock rises. Later, looking to the rain in steady pelt thru the open front door, I saw a guy standing in the rain smoking his cigarette. Music tonight was a steady sequence of crazy songs followed by love songs: "...there coming to take me away, ha ha..." "...gotta love your man...riders on the storm...", etc. I sat around, touching my piss slit. Some strong cruise tonight. An Irish/German looking guy named Forrest, like a overgrown leprechaun with a broad nose, nice bodied, and sexy manner. Also a cute white skinned smooth boy who dances at Nob Hill Cinema, and says he has a really fat dick. Suggested I should perform with him. Hmmm. Ross showed late, bright eyed, short chat & cruise.

1/12/98: MC to the Hole. Light crowd. Some webpage chat w/ Dolph and J'Tao. Dolph agrees that he can smell better in the Hole these days. I noticed a sketch on the bathroom wall to the left of the trough urinal. What at first looks like a chalk smear is a portrait of one of the owners. It may not last long, so check it out. At last call, I nicked my upper lip on a cracked RR bottle rim. History flash, but minor blood, and overshadowed by the unhumancockvid played to loud hoots for the few remaining customers before lights sent many to other places for dreams.

1/15/98: Dog to the Hole. Upspirited crowd. Happy moods. Cruisy. Greg stopped in briefly; he wore smiles also. Smoking is increasing; the same as always by Greg's judgement. After, Dog and I found Collingwood very busy.

1/16/98: MC to the Hole. Busy. Many regulars, including Lus, and Omar late. A guy I've not seen before came around to several, telling us that it was his birthday. He had pkgs. in tow, presents from friends he said. He gave them away. Several beers hit the floor with wide splashes. A wavy haired guy spilled his beer on my cock & balls playfully 3X. 4 or 5 handsome young boys played with each other, one sucking several of them very attentively. Some nice pieces that stood attentively. Strong cruise followed the show. Seveal passes were fielded (felted?) around the room. I spent time in BarberChair and in other places in pet and chat mode. Walked around some in the Front, naked.

1/17/98: MC to the Hole. Got naked pretty quick. Loud, sexplaying crowd. A guy standing on BarberChair getting attention from the crowd as 2 others repeatedly got his pants down. Others in playful conditions. Lots of watchers, and hot new faces and bodies. Spent some time again in the Front. Time stretched deliciously with the sex stimulation. A cute Asian boy with long luxuriant hair sat nervously. Some chat. Very cruisy on the sidewalk after close. Chatted with a cute shaved-head guy going to a night party with friends.

1/18/98: Dog to the Hole thru light rain. Patrick, J'Tao, Watever <mouth click>, Ron, others. Asian boy arrived again, more comfortable. Fair cruise, but less active play tonight. A couple well experienced and comfortable with each other sat and laid with each other in the mirror corner. Wide friendly and relaxed feel effused. A group of more and less naked boys wrestled friendly around with each other with sex intent that fell short of full blown acts, but with hands repeatedly put into loosened pants. No objections to tease.

1/19/98: MLK Party Pot Luck at Eagle. Previously held at Hole. Eagle is continuing to change with the new owners succeeding at the style makeover. Lovely use of materials with tree stump & branch chair on patio, the evolving chrome painted construction above the main bar, and smaller touches. Lots of display space outside for Motorcycles, including one nice old HD reworked with clearcoat over machined metal tank. Lots of regulars. Lots of varied food was buffet'd. Strong flavors typical of Man Cooking. Pork Roast, Chicken, Fresh Spinach Salad, Baked Beans per the Christmas Party recipie, A strong spinach dish that was somewhere between a soup and a stew. Drumming (J'Tao and others) accompanied the music on the patio. 3 or 4 of us were naked in the nippy normal Winter air. I wore leather cap and thin strap top harness. I unsnapped the strap from center front ring (to cock and balls) and bent it around my cock & balls, snaping it on the butthole side of ring that encircled my cock and balls. The effect is like a harness (center pix) for my cock and balls. Douglas (later at the Hole) asked about it; I explained to him that it also functions as a handle. He understood immediately, motioning as if grabbing low and saying "...c'mere, you..." He asked if I intended to market it. Crowd thinned by 7 pm. I went to the Hole, and hung there till close. Lus around. Others drifted in from street and the Eagle Party. Some very nice moments: 2 tall guys in fleshpress slow dance had most of the bar watching them. Late chat with Michael about getting his thick 8" cock out of his pants in the Hole. That pleasure is on his face. We continued after close. Tasty.

1/21/98: One Hole Owner tending bar. Friendly chat about the rings on my cock & balls. Crowd thinned to just a few by 1 am. Regulars: Animal Man, J'Tao, Boy w/Cane, Ron. 2 boys watched me, asked what I was writing; one said: "We were right!" Older man with a backpack chats. Says he lived right here in the 70s. I checked out new Green Devil Fuck Painting at My Place Bar. Lovely thing. Looks like a Toby.

1/23/98: Lots of cruise and tease at the Hole. I sat in the Back and let it hang; petted it; cruised.

1/24/98: Rode MC to Hole in nice coolish weather. Very busy crowd with lots of guys in couples & groups. I played with myself, rubbing my piss slit frequently, watching the crowd widely. Sat in the Back watching for the ones who look back. some chat here & there, but mostly quiet cruise and wonderful fantasies. Outside after the bar closed, the crowd and I lingered. A goodlooking guy came over as I watched the street, studying the traffic patterns in prep to ride away. He was going to a party with friends but wanted to say hi. Chat. Get together intention. I like the brave.

1/29/98: Busy early, lots of unknown faces. Cruisy late, with sexplay in corners, and lots of watchers. I spent time in the Front of the bar, spreading flesh intention.

1/30/98: Social and busy. Lots of guys, some girls, many regulars. Happy mood seems to infect en masse, with a slow dissipating crowd on the street after the bar closed. Many youngish guys tonight, most in party groups. Some intros easy, as friends encourage friends. Yay. How nice it is to watch someone's dick and face swell up with pleasure.

1/31/98: In evening hours I went to Sean's House Swarming Party in the Excelsior. Wonderful classic SF Party mix of people. He and his rommates provided a wonderful time for guests. Arrived at the Hole at 11:45 via Dog. Very sex intent night. A party of 4 tourists asked questions about being naked in a bar. Their eyes dance with the answers. I spent much of the eve in the BarberChair, but made several trips to the front, per 1/29. Talked with a boy who is very proud of his Irish heritage; Smiling Eyes were everywhere tonight.

2/1/98: Gathereing of some regulars in the back refrigerator corner, with chat that brings others to the group. No particular subject, just some casual magnetism of friends, it seems. Idle moment before whatever is next. Good walkaround cruise tonight, with average crowd. By late hours, much energy dissipates, and the place gets quiet.

2/2/98: All day rain. Intense. Dog to the Hole. Small numbers, few regulars. Several of those here sought refuge from the soaking street. Nervous energy, and the discomforted group produced disagreements, some agressive displays & oft-spilled beer.

2/4/98: Humid, occasional rain. Huggy/cruisy/crowded night at the Hole. Midweek run thru the wet weather. Lus, boy w/Cane, Toby, One Hole Owner (tending bar tonight) and others are warm, friendly, chatty. BTW: Toby confirms the Green Devil Fuck painting, hanging at My Place Bar on Folsom is his. Wonderous and controversial. See it. Hey, someone ought to be doing reports from My Place (or other places). Any takers? I spent some time mid-bar, cruising from a barstool. Crowd changed thru eve. at Hole, per usual, but at one point, a row of sexy guys sat on the shelf, each one hotter than the next. I cruised 'em all. So did they. One or more of us should have popped a boner; go somewhere nice with those eyes and smiles.

2/5/98: Heavy wet wind from the SSW was steady and medium strong; felt good on my face as I got Dog out of the garage to go to the Hole. Mostly the same crowd as yesterday, with more added; a storm swelling. Got naked quickly, as is my habit. Chatted with Blue, a tall friendly sexintense guy with a dense chinbeard. And an older guy, wearing his experience well, named Peter with huge pumped genitals. Greeted and chatted with many guys thru the eve. Sean got thanks and appreciations from me and others for his fine party last Saturday in the Excelsior. Very nice feelings from everyone. Nice strong cruise feel tonight, too, overlayed with feel of a storm-isolated group, comfortable with each other. Eugene played "mental" songs that the crowd and I appreciated. One cut had me in near-dance as I stood in the Back. I asked about it, having not heard it before. Is Douglas' Band. Chatted w/ Doug, tending bar tonight. He has a few CDs for sale at the Hole, so of course I had to buy one. Title: "Hedonist." Drove Dog home with the rain starting again. Big, steady and heavy scattered drops. At home, the air reminded me of a hurricane vacation I spent some years ago on the Delaware Shore.

2/7/98: Busy, upbeat crowd. Youngish. Some regulars, but a night for out of towners. Many went to local Elton John concert, then came here for some reason. Chatted with a group of 4 that included 3 guys from LA, one from Boston. In town to do a Falcon Video Shoot. They were well impressed with the Hole and the naked license. Cedar returned from multiple week visit to Kansas, bright eyed and glad to be back. Several guys got together in couplings. Friendly chat with bartender Richard at close.

2/8/98: Mike the Manager says that the pressure change from the weather has everyone freaking. I have seen it too. Regulars are more intense/animated/scattered. Not over yet. Chatted with bartender Richard; he's feeling some stuff, too. Patrick, Pascal, Slave with Castinettes, Toby and others hung out in the Back, where I spent most of the eve. Multiple versions of "My Way" played by DJ. A photographer flashed up the place late, until Mike growled. Sexy feeling night, with a nice kiss on the lips at lightflash, left all of us with futures unrequite and nice jackoff fantasies. I'll take it, and a mudbath, too.

2/9/98: No rain tonight, but humid and cool. Took Dog to the Hole. Very busy at 11 pm. Crowd thinned by 1 am. Cruised around the Hole naked, as per usual. Blue, J'Tao, Crissy (one of Sean's housemates), Ron and other regulars were there. Crissy was having a great time entertaining himself and the crowd. A guy sat beside me, watching my cock & balls. He walked away and came back several times. On one return trip, he brought a heavy chromed ring, showed it to me, then gave it to me on yet another return. I put it on. A perfect fit behind my cock & balls. A celebration of his 40th birthday, he says. Karmic power to give and please, this ring imparts now.

2/12/98: J'Tao becomes DJ on irregular schedule. Callaban chats in mensrm. A goodlooking 30s something guy plays with his cock while standing. A streetish boy in bookish old glasses pulled his long pretty cock out of his pants, and repeatedly worked it up hard, while cruising silently, intensly from the Refrigerator corner, then later on the bench. I pet my dickhead. Crissy does firebreathe act in traffic after Hole closes to the glee of all observers. Sidewalk full of people. Many guys watch all acts inside & out tonight. A voyeur's garden.

2/13/98: Friday the 13th, Full moon, and Valentine's Day Eve. Rain. Strange, freaky-spirited night. Felt like there were occult powers at work. Older guy in BarberChair shot cruises with light glimmers from odd-colored contacts he wore. Intense cruise from/between/to many new faces. Dolph very chatty. A bearish-proportioned, but smoothish guy got naked and displayed comfort in his manner. Omar (long absent) with his hair up, calmer looks. Strong rain after the bar closed.

2/15/98: Cool and humid night, holiday tomorrow, and a big, very happy crowd tonight. A continuation of the Titanic Syndrome (weather-caused calamity-freaked crowd spirit), but everyone seemed to be out for a good time. Tandem intent. Bartender Richard naked to the waist. 2 cute boys, one naked and the other with his pants at his knees rubbed body parts. Naked one's very pretty butt was admired by many, patted and petted by some, eye-tranced by all. Both had fat, biggish and fluff-maintained pink cocks. Naked one sunk to his knees repeatedly thru the eve. A tall boy had his pants pulled to his ankles, and got repeated strappings by his companion. Another fleshy dick. Boy with Cane, named John, sported a youthful buzz cut. I cruised around naked, with many new faces, many were in pairs or small groups, and flashing smiles. Chatted with Dino, from E. Bay after he danced with good body sense to 60s twistmusic.

2/16/98: Busy night, with a goodly count of youth. Lalo & J'Tao fluid & social. Ron, John and others around, in good spirits. Lots of cruise, and cock watch thruout. A young shiny new-faced guy could look at no one without an ear-to-ear grin that dominated interactions. One guy walked from the Hole to his car at the end of the block wearing just shoes and his rolled-up shirt tied snugly around his waist and horiz.-tighterect cock.

2/21/98: Busy, noisy. Met a tall slim fairy boy. Chat and got his cock out of his loose clothes. Stuck straight up above his beltloops, and stayed there. Took him home at close. Sorry guys, I was too busy to remember much else.

2/22/98: Richard says it was wild early, with 1/3 of the bar naked. I got there about 11:30. Its a little subdued. But I got naked by Midnight: the only one until I overheard the guys next to me say something about Batman. A youngish guy came up to me in a long, ankle-length Winter coat. He opened it in front of me, showing his naked body underneath. Very nice naked body, with maybe some cockrings, and/or a harness. The flash was too quick to get all the details...he left right away. Back to the streets. Yay Streetboy Batman. Cum back, Caped Crusader. DJ played "...War, what is it good for..." Some guys in Mardi Gras beads.

2/23/98: Light crowd, with lots of women. One took off her top; healthy pink-white looking breasts, with up-pointing red nips, bobbing a bit when she chatted with her friends. Several guys chatted about Aliens, and the creation of humankind. Their story: the complexity of the universe is not fully described in human knowlege. A young pretty boy listened with attentive amusement. Again, some guys in Mardi Gras beads. There was some conflict about...seemed to be Mars-Venus (love-agression) kinds of issues. Some instances of active and widely watched feelups, with hands in opened pants.

2/24/98: Mardi Gras at the Hole: Quite busy at 11 pm. Some well-marinated customers. Lots of beads. Tons. On many guys. Mostly worn on the neck, but one guy had his long bead strands arranged like a sash diagonally across his chest. Lots of new faces. I wore 13 cock rings on my balls, a heavy ring (the one gifted, above) around cock and balls, the normal heavy ring and circ. barbell behind my dickhead, and added a large dog chokechain. This last item has 2 rings on opposite ends. I put my dickhead thru both so that it hung as a loop of chain from my dickhead. Dangle. Like a leash, or a stream of precum or piss. Some guys inspected and played with it. I also wore a chain of small metal balls on my neck that looked like Mardi Gras beads, but is made of metal. In addition on my neck was my crystal cock, and my "ninerdick" neclace. Made a slightly severe festive statement. I found a way to loop the chokechain with the metal ball chain, so that my cock was pulled up. A guy gave me a small loop of transparent purple plastic beads. I played with them with my left hand and fingers, dangling them around my dickhead. In the low light, they looked red. Good spirits, but a strong intensity and hard cruise. Some widely scattered and intermittent necking and petting in the crowd. 2 noteable slim young men spent some time in attentive and tender touch in a corner in the Back. Several couples and small groups of guys out for the party eve. Some homeless guys gathered in the back; One showed several guys his very long and smooth cock. 2 napped as they lay together, to the very loud hard rock that the DJ played, punctuated by the Johnny Cash that one of the owners asked for. Few people danced or responded to the angry feeling music accost. A visitor from NYC lamented that there's no place like the Hole in the Big Apple. Crowd thinned by 1 am.

2/25/98: Niner's Birthday. Yeah. 51 today. Yay. One of the Hole Owners tended bar, told me to get naked. Birthday Suit. Friendly now & again chat with him. I spent the late eve. chatting with a young boyishlooking guy with short hair who said 6 mos. ago he got naked in the Hole reguarly. I talked him out of his shirt, he showed a nice, somewhat hairy chest. Chat circles grew larger, and intensity dissipated by close.

2/27/98: Rode MC to the Hole in dry weather. Very friendly night, with lots of smiles and cruise. Lots of movement in the crowd. Goodly number of women.

2.28/98: MC to the Hole again, in continuing dry weather. Continuation of friendly vibes. I spent time in the BarberChair. Large number of hot and handsome men here tonight. Rich fantasies dance with eyes. Very busy night. Lots of looks, cruises, and lots of touch: approving pats.

3/1/98: Dog to the Hole. A magical-feeling night. An intense skinny streetguy sat, and chatted briefly, and sensitively. I played with my cock, balls, dickhead and piss slit on the bench near the DJ booth. Jacked it up fluffy. Others groped and touched me and nearby guys. An unknown Hispanic guy spontaneously kissed me flat-lips on the mouth. A guy I know showed up in grey stretch cotton shorts. We've played before, but tonight I worked his fat cock and leather stretched balls, bouncing that baby on my knee. Others watched. He got into a long-lasting makeout session with one of the players. Omar, with his hair down, got animated, especially after Chrissy and friend spun for an extended time in the BarberChair to the glee of a gathering crowd. This is a new discovery; no one did this before. The chair spins easily, and to a suprising speed. A carnival ride. I spent some of the eve in contemplation of HEroes. Sparked by the DJ play of the Bowie song and The recent death of Scott O'Hara. Mike the Manager, Richard , and one Owner tended bar. Owner hugged and kissed me with warm attentions near closing time.

3/3/98: I told bartenders about Spermball. The Eagle and the Cow: I watched a slight bit of psychodrama play in the Hole tonight: A middleaged guy, with a little extra weight evenly distributed, and a big fluffy dark beard chatted with some friends, and periodically made loud and slow Mooo-ing cow sounds. He moo-ved around the bar some in the eve's progression. Dominant color of his clothes: brown. A small framed amd shorter middleaged guy, dominantly black in clothing, somewhat haggard looking, came in; seemed to dart some eyes at the cow guy when they each had to modify their chosen walkpaths past each other in a crowdclot. A few minutes later, they were in confrontation again over a seat on the wiggly bench. The Cow bellowed at what he judged to be space encroachment. The small guy flew away, but returned in a short time, raising his elbows behind his back in jerks. His head lowered and jutted forward, his nose projeced. He stood obliquely to the Cow. He made elbow jerks. In a short time, the Cow saw what he was doing, and bellowed, moved some steps toward the Eagle. Some yelling, with no English words hearable at my distance. Others in the crowd yelled, made noise. The rising noise diffused the confrontation, and they separated, staying at a distance from each other for the balance of the night. The Eagle did the elbow jerk for a short while from across the room.

3/4/98: One owner tending bar. I sat on the wiggly bench, cruised the bar. Moderate crowd, moderated spirits, with mild reactions; no big shakes.

3/6/98: Cool night. Lots of regulars, lots of strangers, with a celebratory feel in the air. A bit of a clubby atmosphere, with most people paying attention to those they knew. Some strong cruising going on, but mostly generalized, not focused. Several refugees from Freak Show at the Stud. Impressive drag from Cedar, and Chrissy walked in naked in allover red body paint with black dots. At closing, he walked naked, back to Freak Show.

3/11/98: A guy I've tricked with a few times hung brass knuckles thing on my neck. He said it showed more about me: That the "Ninerdick" (letterbead necklace) and crystal cock on my neck show that I'm tender (he means childlike). That the Brass Knuckles show that I'm tough. That the rings on my balls show that I'm (sex) crazy. He got the BNs in a gun shop in Altoona PA (an old railroad town), 30 miles N. from Bedford, PA, where I grew up. I used to cruise that town on rare occasion, and look for porno in newstands there after I got my driver's license. It was more common, though for me to go to Cumberland MD, 30 miles S., where the porno selection was wider. Anyway, the BNs have a red braided rope on them, which is the way they come from the manufacturer. You wrap the rope around your wrist so you don't drop them in a fight. The red rope looks like blood dripping. Very powerful visual. I stuck my dickhead thru one of the finger holes and let it all lay between my legs. Blew minds of some observers. This is not an entre into violence. Not a permanent part of my jewelry. But I accepted them as a gift of goodwill, and with a personal msg. He is a punkish Hispanic boy from the E. Bay. Short, stocky with lots of tats. We played and groped a bit in the bar, till he decided he wanted to go to My Place Bar. I stayed at the Hole.

3/13/98: Friday the 13th. (2nd in a row), Full Moon, and a Lunar Eclipse. Lots of skin in the crowd, though not many completely naked. Energetic night, with several guys dancing. I petted my piss slit in body amusement that suited my cruise and crowd watch mood. Some scattered makeout teams.

3/14/98: Wilder night. Noisy, lots of unknown people. Guys and girls. Time to cruise and watch. A few regulars, and chat. Strong music, well appreciated by the crowd.

3/15/98: Chat with regulars. Friendly, mostly individual issues filled up this eve.

3/19/98: Good energy night. I got naked, sat around touching myself. Chatted with many guys, including one chatty but naked-shy young guy. Others got naked around me, and so did the shy guy. By the end of the eve, there were 5 of us naked in the back. Not a record, but a nice comraderie.

3/20/98: MC to Hole. Lots of Fairie Boys at the Hole. I got naked and sat beside a tallish guy with long hair. He pulled a neclace out of a bag which was a cock & balls carved out of a section of treebranch (cambium layer still intact) and black chestnuts. Said a friend made it for him. Nice: both the necklace and the gifting.

3/21/98: MC to Hole. Crowded, busy, with a group of 4 young women who paid nice touching attentions to each other. Showed each other their tits, then they played with each other's nipples. Bartender Richard passed thru, announcing loudly: "...I hope nobody minds..." No complaints voiced. Women eventually lounged on top of each other. Lots of goodlooking guys in the crowd, moderately cruisy. Friendly feel, with everyone getting along well.

3/22/98: Dog to the Hole. I got naked right away. 2 uniformed SF Cops came in the bar and walked thru. I saw them coming on my way to the urinal. No issues or confrontations. Bartender Richard asked them why they were there. They said they were just checking it out. They left right away. A young smooth and soft guy sat next to me and asked if it was ok for him to get naked. I said "Sure." He did, and his cock was immediately 3/4 hard. He had his cock & balls tied off with a black shoelace. Some others cruised around, chatted amid the light crowd.

3/25/98: Sat in the back near the DJ booth. This area, under the big speaker that hangs overhead, you are in the backfield sound cone of the speaker. In this position, the sound cone, you hear a droned version of the sound in the rest of the room. The drone is the audio frequency of the speaker's enclosure harmonic. Here, escaped from the overdriven trebled volume, I watched guys move and dance in metered response to the position demands of the crowd. Some show suprising comfort, but very few anticipate the movements of others. Like a detached observation port, there, behind the speaker. EMF and the droned sound seemed to provide an altered state that was quite comfortable. Later, I chatted with others, and found I could easily describe others' mood if I spoke it right away, without reprocessing it. Went home with a regular.

3/27/98: Sparse crowd. Guy in electric wheelchair in Hole. I observe that my wheelchair will be (is?) diesel driven.

3/31/98: A guy asked me why it is that people allow themselves to be miserable. I said I don't know. He agreed that he didn't know either, but he thought I might have an idea. I thought a while and told him that I think that people allow themselves to be miserable because their pain convinces them that they are unique.

4/1/98: A couple of regulars are emptying a 2 foot pinata made like a Tyranisarus Rex. Green with white, red and yellow trim. They hung it near the end of the bar where they passed out the candy it contained. As several guys sucked on purple lollypops, one of the deed-doers asked me about the hanging position of the pinata. I suggested a position further back in the room, near the rearmost head of the ceiling dragon, and in its red-eye glaze. He agreed, and moved it. Looks like a tasty piece of bait, there in the dragon's crosseyed stare. Nice animated music tonight.

4/2/98: In the back, a young guy slipped down off the bench and laid on the fat, hard packed 4 foot tall backpack he had at his feet. Appears he is fresh off the Greyhound (streetguys don't pack that tight, or haul around that volume), and in heaven, here in the Hole, tonight. He pulled his loose shorts down and played with his pretty boyish dick. Nice set of loose floppy and pink-red hairless balls. A tall streetdude black guy he'd been chatting with egged him on, and grabbed his ankle-containing shorts in the crotch. He pulled his legs up (now bound in the shorts), showing all of us the pretty white buttcrack and hole. The DJ took some offense, told the boy to stop jacking off. The boy sat up, pulled up his pants. But in a few minutes he slipped back down to the pleasure and excitement he'd just found. He moved his backpack near my bench position, laid down again and worked his cock. He stared at mine, hanging within reach. He stayed on his own as he scanned the room. His wilded eyes showed how much fun he discovered playing with himself in front of all these guys. DJ returned with a bartender, who told the boy he'd have to leave. With confusion on his face that you commonly see on the faces of those who are lost and asking for directions, he left alone.

4/3/98: Very busy, upbeat, lots of smiling faces. Greg arrived about MN, chatted and felt at home, commented that he thought the crowd improved since his last visit, many months ago. A cruisy and fun night.

4/4/98: Crowded and chatty. Conversation was louder than the music. Richard reported that the bar was not that busy. Mike showed up about 1 am, chatted with friends.

4/5/98: E. Bay Hispanic Boy (nickname: "Cuban Sailor Boy") w/ wonderful tight and muscled body, and smiling bright face danced & chatted w/ many.

4/9/98: Nice powerful feeling night. I note approaching Easter weekend, and full moon. Sexual feel. Long darkhaired boy sat on bench in the Back with a MC helmet. Pulled out a nice 8" cock. Pretty, with nice smooth balls. He stroked it up hard, cruised the room and watched my cock. I cruised back. Another long darkhaired (very well kept) guy came back, sat beside him and cruised both of us, rubbed the generous lump in his light colored pants. I sat on the bench at rt. angle to these two, and petted my cockhead. The second-arrived guy moved on. A tallish guy with a rough looking face came up to me. A tourist from BC. He recognized me from my ad in the Ball Club Quarterly. Chatted about places to go, where you can be naked. He sat down in the place the second-arrived longhaired guy, and pulled out a very long cock. Possibly 10-11" The three of us played. BC guy moved close again. Some touch between each of us. The first longhaied boy shot a very big creamy load. Plopped onto the floor. I shot a slow, oozy load. BC guy moved on. First longhaired boy and I chatted about sex and the MCs we both ride.

4/10/98: Another, different guy (short, small framed, close cropped goatee) sitting on the bench in the Back, stroking on a nice sized cock. Up & down repeatedly, hard & soft. I sat down beside him and played with my piss slit, tapping and rubbing. Rubbed my dickhead too. Fluffed up nicely. I walked around, finding the same guy later, stroking at the urinal. Cruised, and spent some time in the Front. Greg showed again. Chatted briefly as he sat in BarberChair.

4/11/98: Lots of cute boys. Guy from BC was back. Chatted with him as I sat in BarberChair. Got his big dick out. He had been to My Place Bar, and planned to go back. I suggested he walk back there with his dick hanging out. I assured him he could do it. with clenched teeth, he set out, dick dangling. I wore my new-today slipjointed ballstretcher, showing several guys what it is/how it works.

4/12/98: Easter Sunday at the Eagle: I arrived for the last minutes of a butt painting contest. Got to see the winning butt. Couldn't quite make out what was painted on his butt, but it was colorful, and a very nice tight butt. I got naked, cruised the crowd, and answered lots of very friendly questions, showed off my new slipjointed ballstretcher.

Later at the Hole, I got naked immediately, chatted with a few regulars & cruised. I sat around relaxed and comfortable. A medium framed 30 s something masculine guy was naked in the Back. He's been there before, naked also. A pretty, longish cock, biggish balls, and good body with a little bit of dispersed ab fuzz. His wonderfully goofy expression when his dick is hard is in perfect telepathsync with my mental reductive predelections. Chatted at urinal with him, where he asked about the weight of my cock & ball rings. Chatted with Cedar and Sean about upcumming Fairie event at Wolf Creek, J'Tao around. Late in eve, a medium sized mixed breed black and brown longhaired dog came in with its owner. When he saw my cock & balls, he wouldn't let 'em alone. I had to distract him by rubbing my fingers on his nose, many times. Owner said: "...oh yeah, he likes dick..."

4/13/98: Pretty busy for a Monday. Several regulars, and some young mixed sex couples. In the cool air, I kept my MC jacket on, took my pants off. Still wearing the slipjointed ballstretcher. Cuban Sailor Boy from the East Bay dnced with excellent body moves with a biggish middleaged guy who rubbed his buzzcut head, keeping him in kinesthetic response. I and many were entranced.

4/15/98: Hole 4th Anniversary Party: Ceiling Dragon had short silver fresnel mylar lightning bolts attached to the bottom, and some other places. So they hang and dangle above the heads of the patrons. Electrifying the air. Sorta look a little like scales too, but they are intended to be lightening bolts. Very nice addition. Grafitti and art in the bathroom was painted over; a new coat of flat black paint for another year. And Anniversary Pins were passed out. I scanned mine, posted at right. The place was packed. One of the owners was tending bar. I wished him a Happy Anniversary, and got a big warm hug. Good spirits were everywhere, with Happy Anniversary wishes bouncing around so much that some guys started wishing each other Happy Birthday instead. The Pool Table in the Front was covered with food. Many dishes, and plentious food. Some guys I chatted with said that the food appeared at Happy Hour, and the crowd was intense and steady from then. Lots of regulars (some who have been absent recently), and lots of some-timers.

4/16/98: Busy night, with lots of friendly spirit in the air from last night. A guy who was around a lot last Summer showed at the Hole. He's from LA, biggish, a bit hairy, loves getting naked. Has a big gague PA, a very nice big cock. Chatted with him, he got naked pretty quick. Late in the eve, the brown & black dog visited again with his owner. He found the LA visitor's cock & balls, and had a good time. The LA guy was well pleased. As many watched, the owner dodged questions about the dog's training, saying "...he's been like that since we got him from the pound..." LA guy drove a lot of sex energy in the crowd. A few normally shy guys showed him their cocks when he engaged them in conversation. Late in the eve, much of the crowd dispersed, though the mood stayed cruisy.

4/18/98: Busy, crowded, energetic. Blue showed in a antique ornate militaryesque dress uniform of some kind. Perhaps a theatrical costume, with some birght and shiny trim. Very handsome on this tall, slim and noble looking guy. He'll be leaving SF shortly for Short Mountain, TN, which he calls "home". Beltaine Fairie Gathering there is his intention. He takes with him a story he wrote, loosely based on his observations at the Hole.

4/19/98: Pretty fluid eve, with many regulars and others moving around a lot. Me included. Lots of cruise, chat. Some nice pieces at the trough urinal. Bartenders in happy spirits. Several are around tonight, spending their off hours with the crowd. Chatted with Dino, John, J'Tao, Sean, others.

4/20/98: Chat with Toby, Pascal. John, Ron, others. Some passive cruise going on. One team got together. They petted very attentively & sucked face while the generally low-keyed crowd watched.

Note: Dog and I went to Beltaine celebrations at the Fairie compound at Wolf Creek, OR. 4/25-5/1. Some Hole regulars were there also. I'll post a report here in the Road Trips section, with hot links from here and other places.

No Hole Reports thru 5/7. Click here for info.

5/8/98: Very busy, with a substantial number of youthful straight couples. Easy to see a boy's intent when he speaks only to the woman he's with, and does not cruise. Maybe some of 'em will cum back solo. Yeah, its hard to cruise when others demand your attention.

5/9/98: Full Moon. Crowded till about 12:30, when some space opened up. Moderately cruisy, with one guy sitting in the back near the DJ Booth working on his cock out of torn holes in his pants. Chat with several regulars. One regular only needed a little encouragement to get his shirt off and his overalls pulled down to cockbase and asscrack. Some very pretty views. A friendly eve., with some happy eyes darting about. Some of the silver lightening bolt scales are falling off the ceiling dragon.

Why I'm not at the Hole anymore.

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