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My Cock = My Life...8/8/97

Yeah. It seems it has always been. The most consistent thing about my life has been the touching place that my cock and balls is. The tenderist, the most profound, the most intense, the most important. My refuge, and my strength. All the rest is confusion and extraneous/optional. I live soley for my cock and balls. My goal is in front of me, and at hand. My cock and balls belong in my hands. My cock enriches and rewards me. I serve it. The quality of my living depends on its erectile state.


Naked in front. All to see. Public and plain, and relaxed. If there are questions, then its about real stuff. I don't worry about what is hidden. I give you Superman's X-Ray Eyes. And I get to be as intense as I can be. Its more than liberating. Its powerful. Its the best social act I can think of.


GWM 5'10" 135 lbs, Smooth. Short brown hair, lt. brown eyes. Cut 9" long cock, 6" around, loose egg sized hairless balls hang 5" low. Pubic shave. Into: J/O 3-6X+ everyday, sucksex, exhibitionism, cockworship, bondage milkings, cock slavery, long cock tease, cbt, machine sex, electricity, progressive mental reduction, hypnosex, dickhead, sexgoon scenes, confessions, phonesex. I follow my hard cock around. Drain my brains out of my dick. Ride a sportbike, have a full sized tattoo of my hard cock & balls elbow to sholder on my left arm, and sperms tattoed down my right leg.

Prolonged Masturbation...9/14/97

Yeah, I do the prolonged masturbation thing, I have been for a while. And yes, it increases intensity of sensation, both for stroking, and for cumming & climax. There are a lot of things I have discovered that I can do:

I have been masturbating as long as I can remember. In 3rd grade (age 9) I was already very busy with my dick, and showing it to other boys. Playing with it and climaxing in class. It was 2 more years till I was cumming. I do remember thinking about cock in 1st grade, and liking other boys because of their sexy looks.

But back to now: In my experience, regular, frequent masturbation does not decrease cum loads and production, it increases it. I get off 3-6X every day. Sometimes more. I can, and usually do, cum everytime.

The most significant skill to learn is what a lot of masturbators call Edging. This means playing on the edge of climax. Right up next to the sensation of climax, but not passing the trigger. Back off, let your dick calm down for a moment, and then take yourself up there again. When you get good, you can play for longer periods on the edge. The sensations are delicious. 5 minutes of edging can feel like 15 minutes because of the intensity of sensation. You'll get to like it, and prefer to jack off this way. Many guys learn this without knowing that they are doing something that is noteable. You'll get hotter. You'll have more intense climaxes, and richer fantasies.

Besides sensation, there is another benefit. The longer you edge, the bigger the load you'll shoot. Think of it as priming the pump. It absolutely works.

Comments? Stuff I don't know about?

Exhibitionism...9/14/97 updated 6/8/03

What is it that an Exhibitionist does? A game with Society? A search for approval?

I like being a showoff. Its a development. Its a progression, a growth, a change. You can't go back.

Approval is verification, but not diffusion.

Every Artist should spend a year as an exhibitionist.

Ball Club...9/14/97 updated 6/8/03

I'm into ball play and work. My balls are hairless (don't have to shave em) size of grade A eggs, and hang nice & loose. I like hanging 13 (as of 9/14/97...now up to 18 with my record holding at 21) cock rings on em, or a parachute with a couple of pounds. Also like hotlubes and muscle creams on em. And electricity with TENS device, Relaxicisor, Violet Wand. And ball leashes. Take em for a walk. Or roll em around, stretch em. top or bottom, depending on you.

I think we should have a Ball club here in SF. Regular meetings. Maybe initiations. Anyone interested?

Artful Cruise...9/19/97

It occurs to me that I have the best time, and am affectually effective when I find myself able to have in my head the idea that I could have some kinda sex with everyone (or at least a lot of guys) in the place (or nearby, if on the street). This doesn't mean that a sex act is the immediate or even quick result. But it does mean that there is a demand of social proximity. There is a level where words work, and cross distance and time. But this monolog is about the intelligence of glances, and sex ideas that cause fresh actions among us. An intent of social intercourse.

What is operating (I observe) is an understood communication of sexual intent, and intensity. I see it in others, often. I like it. I especailly like it when I feel it in me. Its my main motivation for going out. Its a reward for being in the right headplace, and helping to create a sexy environment. But the most significant observation I have about it is that it comes from inside. I need to find ways to encourage it. In me and others.

As close as I know yet:

There is a generalized sense of the larger group that comes first. Might be a sense of ease and comfort, or a willingness to be sexual in a place, or with a group. There is a sense of willingness to give. Note: willingness. I think others like seeing willingness. When I feel isolated/alone in a crowd, the message is my unwillingness. In my observation, usually carried there as unresolved bad script.

Very, very seldom do I find just one sexy/attractive man in a crowd. There are usually several, even many. I note that this speaks of my judgements, and my abilities.

So then: work on what it is that makes me (others) willing, able, comfortable and giving.

To get somewhere with it, there is a notion of availability that has to be present. A hot guy in a chatting group of friends is nearly uncruiseable. But reaction, and what happens second, is another discussion. I'm talking about pitching strike balls here. HomeRuns require an appreciation of the imparted sexual msg.

One more comment: The cruise, eye game, sex energy, body posture, amount of skin showing, etc. have to be given to others, as "vibe gifts from yourself".

When I can do this, the day is great.

Jackoff Techniques...10/29/97

Here are some Jackoff Techniques. Let me know if you like any of these.

Roman Soldier: Named after the action of the leather skirts the Roman Soldiers wore. Place your open palmed hand on top of your soft cock & balls. Splayed fingers pointing down toward your knees. Move your hand in a brushing/swinging motion from side to side, or alternatively, use wrist motion to swing your hand in pendulum motion over your cock & balls. Just as the slats in the leather skirt must have played with a Roman Soldier's genitals as he marched. Do it till you climax. You'll be singing in cadence. Hey, maybe soldiers sing to mask the moans of those who are cumming.

Walking the Dog: Method 1 (big dog leash): Grip your cock and balls at the base. Your hand should be like a cockring around both your cock & balls. Like a dog collar. Snug. Jerk/shake in moderate rhythm. Pace as if walking, apx. 1 cycle per second. Method 2 (bone hound tease):Cockhead between thumb and fuckfinger. Thumb on top, between piss slit and corona (the ridge at the back of your dickhead). Fuckfinger on frenum. Jiggle cockhead up and down. Moderate finger pressure, as it pleases.

Figleaf Faque: Push your fluffed cock to your leg on the side of the hand you will use. Put your prefered-hand's thumb on the base of your cock & balls, at the opposite side. Open palm flat against your cockshaft, dickhead sticking out past your little finger side's palm pad. Fingers down over your balls, slightly cupping. Gently and lightly rub. Drum fingers lightly on your balls. This is a teasing, caressing, idle play technique. Good when you need a change of pace from shaft jack, and effective to keep attention where it belongs.

Shaft Jack: The pump stroke that is perhaps the most common Masturbation Technique. The jerking fist grip. As a gesture, it communicates jackoff intent to all. Grip pressure, speed, stroke length, dry or lubed, variants are pleasure-discovery induced.

Milk Cow: A variant of Shaft Jack. Use both fists, one above the other on your dick. Cockhead sticking out the end. Squeeze from base to tip repeatedly until you get that white stuff oozing out and into a bucket. Moan. Balls floppy and loose against FarmBoy knuckles. You are on all fours, right? I like stanchons.

Head Tease Squeeze: Use a couple of fingers to squeeze your dickhead. You will have to find a repetition/pattern/position that works for you. I like thumb and first finger on opposite sides, well down from piss slit, near base of cockhead. Makes that spongy helmet head get stoney hard. Occasionally I use 3 fingers and thumb, evenly spaced around my dickhead to do a milking squeeze. As if its a big nipple. Somehow this makes my frenum feel great, and gets me in a cum-expecting mood.

Frenum Jack: Use one finger right (and only) on your frenum. Take your time. This is not a quick technique, but it provides incredible exploding climaxes, especially if combined with complete body muscle relaxation. This was my mainstay before puberty.

Shower Squirt: If you have a handheld showerhead, lay down and position it so it shoots right on your cock & balls. If it is adjustable for pulse/spray/stream, all the better. Experiment to find comfort and pleasure. I like aming it right on my frenum. A surefire intense climax every time. Also good for me on and behind the balls. Suggestions: alter temperature, and strength of flow. Caution: going slowly cold in temperature as your dick gets hotter is a nice progression, but right after you climax, the temperature will sink in. Have an exit strategy. Sex stimulation is a strong pain mask. In one apt. I installed a Y adaptor at the shower head. Kept the reg. handheld showerhead on one arm of the Y, and I attached a short rubber garden hose with a standard yard type brass nozzle end on the other. Just for this purpose. Tell your relatives you work on plants in the tub if they ask. Or tell 'em you use it for sex, and offer the use of it...

Ball Pull: Grabbing your scrotum above the balls, and pushing/stretching your balls down is wonderful sexplay. Stretches out the tubes that are getting cum charged. Slows you down if you're getting hot and want to extend your climax and your cum shot to last longer. Or if you want to build up a bigger load, for increased intensity. Works best in a warm environment. Take your time, and be persistent, if this is new to you. Your balls respond slowly. Warning: its an aquired taste. You will be doing more of this. The added sensations of active ball play are delicious. I could write volumes.

Piss Fountain...10/29/97

Over the years, one aquires new, or more fully developed tastes/habits. I've learned that I can do some watersports, given the right environment. Pissing on someone who wants (begs for) it can be pleasure-providing for all. Recently I have discovered a new way to play. I believe I have a large capacity bladder. I can hold a lot of piss. After about 3 beers, I can put on a good, long-lasting piss show. Works well at a trough urinal. I relax, start a urine flow, then simply turn my dickhead skyward. Hot piss shoots up 2-10", depending on pressure. Makes a nice ball shaped fountainhead, and falls down across my cock, balls and hand. Makes me relax even more as I feel the warm piss flow down over my genitals. I like doing this where guys can watch. I get very positive and happy responses. Show places: Hole, BlowBuddies, other.

Cum Junkie...11/3/97

Here is a link forwarded to me by a friend. Cum Junkie is worth the reading for anyone who likes to suck cock. Author and his email link are at the bottom of the linked page.

Cock Size...11/10/97 updated 6/8/03

A big dick is variable at max size, and is dependent at any given moment on the motivation at hand. So to speak. The problem with a big dick is that it is difficult to keep at max. And very often at hardon and climax it does not reaach max potential.

My dick starts getting fluffed at about 6", starts getting hard at 7.5", and varies between 8.25 and 8.925" at climax (topside measurements). So thats a range of almost 3/4". I tell people when they ask if its really 9": "It depends on how good you are."

There is also the measuring point arguement. Measure along the Top? Side? Bottom? Different people are built differently. All of this is arguementative, and in the end, useless. If a guy says he is 10", and he is within an inch of being accurate, let it be.

I've also heard the proposition advanced that ALL AMERICAN men lie about their cock size.

Here's a notable factoid: All cocks have the same number of nerves. For the same stimulation, a bigger one requires that more surface area be covered = more work.

Another better activity: Measure the pleasure. Opinions?

Shaving Your Pubes...11/11/97 updated 6/8/03

Your skin type is the big variable here. You can adapt your skin to shaving, but you will have to make a decision to do it reguarly. and consistently.

Shaving options:

Shave wet with soap or foam: gets close, gives very smooth result, since it shaves off a bit of skin too. Shave is lubed, and cut of hair is "below" skin level, since skin is compressed, and hair pops up/pulls up with razor/blade pressure.Can be very irritating, and takes a long time for your skin to adjust. Also, since hair is cut sharply, you have a good chance of getting ingrown hairs as this coarse hair regrows in soft, juicy skin.

Shaving dry: more control over severity of shave, since you get very accurate skin abrasion feedback. You have good quality control, since you can see what you are doing immediately. Shave will not be as deep on the hairshaft. Requires a gentle touch.

Shaving with baby powder: lubes the skin. My personal favorite. Similar control to shaving dry. Makes a dry shave faster & easier. Still not as close as a wet shave. You can also use this technique with an electric razor (see next).

Electric Razor: Requires that your skin be adapted, since you can get razor burn easily. Baby powder helps minimize razor burn, but will cause quick wear on the razor heads. Also miniumize razor burn by using electric razors which are adjustable. I use Norelco with adjustable heads, and use the coarsest setting. Electric razores work best if you do a clipper job first (see next).

Hair Clippers: Requires care, since the blades can easily cut soft skin, and even tear a hairshaft, making a wound that can be slow to heal, since it can be deep. Do delicately, with great care to keep skin flat, and clipper head also flat against skin. Using baby powder to lube the skin works well with hair clippers. Baby powder will probably shorten the life of the clipper head. Do not use any wet lube. Move clipper slowly, steadily, but trust your skin's feedback about stress. Once you gain experience, this is the quickest, easiest, since it can be maintenance item, doable as often as needed. Like twice a week. No regrow issues. But hair is like a very close crewcut. With experience, you can keep it right down to skin level, which from 3 ft. away looks like a shave. Pubic area will be a bit stubbly feeling, but that has its own charm.

Depilitories: Very skin type dependendent. Nothing will make you smoother on the pubic arch (see Tweezers, below). Tend not to have ingrown hairs on regrow, because the chemical disolution of hair does not make sharp edges on hairshaft. Some people have adverse skin reactions to the chemicals. Long term or frequent use effects unknown. And it takes about half an hour. make sure you wash off well after. Will leave a tell-tale odor on your skin for some hours, which may make others not want to get their face close. Works best on guys who have oily type of skin. Lasts a long time, up to several weeks, depending on speed of your hair growth.

Tweezers: Excellent for your balls, where loose thin skin means hair does not grow deep. Grab individual hairshafts with blunt or diagonal tipped tweezers, and pull at the angle which the hair grows. NOT at acute angle to hair growth, or you will tear the skin. If you have a lot of scrotal hair, this will take a very long time. But the results will last for about a month. Makes your balls silky smooth. Nothing works better. But it takes much time. Over time, with repeated sessions, the hair root will weaken, and regrowth will be slower, with reduced hairshaft width. This can be done on cock also, with care! follow rules, and pull only in the direction of hair growth. This is very painful and difficult on thicker, juicy skin, like is on the pubic arch. don't do this there.

I have been removing my pubic hair since I was 11. These techniques are a result of my experience. I clipper off often, and do tweezer pluck on my balls. Occasionally I get as smooth as possible, for events & parties.

Cock & Ball Rings...1/9/98 updated 6/8/03

For about 25 years, I've been playing with cock & ball rings. I started stretching my balls with a leather stretcher/separator that made my balls feel wonderful. Stretched down and separated out like two big fleshy ears. I still wear it occasionally, just for that feel.

Then I started using metal cock rings. I first put 5 on. that was a nice fit, and I discovered immediately that the weight from the metal rings was part of the fetish. Rubber rings spaced out my scrotum nicely, but the pull from the weight of the metal ones felt so much better. As they dangled, the individual rings provided for an articulation that made a jangle sound, especailly in sweatpants. Generally this was also fairly comfortable. I've added rings reguarly since the early 5 days, and now wear 18 at will. I've had 21 on, but thats some work. Many years later, I discovered that I could sand the rough parts of the rings and get even more comfort. Check out Sanded Cock Rings for that detail.

This play led me to experiment with various sized rings on my cock as well. One day it struck me that a circular barbell of the type used in Prince Albert piercings could be used as a ring just behind my cockhead, if it was sized just right. After some experimentation, I found a 4 gague circ. barbell that seemed to fit. It was 1" in inside diameter. It had medium ball ends that played wonderfully with my frenum when I jacked off. I wore this for some time, as jewelry, by itself behind my cockhead. You can see the ball ends in the photo at left, below. They show behind my cockhead, and look much like a frenum piercing here. Then one day, I discovered that I could hang other rings behind it on my cock shaft. This was a wonderful discovery. What a nice yank on my cock. And even more jingle when I walked around. Made me want to show off my cock & balls all the more, now so creatively dec'd. But the circ. barbell was a bit loose, and I eventually lost it in the Eagle in DC, never to be found. I replaced it with a new 4 gague, bought at Venus Body Arts in the E. Village in NYC. I managed to bend this one just a bit tighter, to 15/16" for a snugger fit, but lost it after my move to SF, in the My Place Bar. A guy in the crowd grabbed my cock, and pulled it right off while I was playing with a cute guy. I did not hear it hit the floor. The friendly manager helped me look for it, with no success. When I showed him where it fit, he showed me his office, and his talents. He helped me feel a lot better.

I found the heavy ring shown in the pix above right in Worn Out West on a trip to SF (before moving here), as used equipment. I call this heavy ring a Coronal Ring, since it rests behind my corona, the medical name for the ridge at the back of the head of your dick. Corona being Latin (and in English useage) for the upper portion of an appendage, the head or crown. Its been my standard wear behind my new circ. barbell which is 2 gague, and 7/8" inside diameter. Its snug enough to allow some suck without coming off. But I remove it before deep throat; I wouldn't want to loose it. And especailly in a way that would present a challenge to someone's swallowing ability.

My circ. barbell , as I wear it, is also technically a coronal ring, but the ball ends (now larger on this 2 gague ring) work so well on my frenum, that I think of it as something more unique than a ring.

Worn Out West, on Castro Streent in SF carries cast cock rings (bar stock style) in various sizes. These are far superior to forged cock rings, which have a weld. I now use these cast cock rings exclusively on my balls. They are very smooth, articulate very vell, and do not pinch. They are chrome plated, so those of you who have metal allergies will find that as the plating wears, your skin will react.

Tube stock cock rings are available in various sizes , and various materials. You can find these in stainless rather easily. Stainless rings are great. Not skin reactive, and they keep their finish well. But was with any tube stock cock rings, they pinch skin easily.

Some sex and card shops sell aluminum cock rings. I strongly advise against these. Aluminum is a poison against the skin. It is highly reactive to skin oils and sweat.

Orgasm Frequency Tied To Longevity...1/9/98

Here's an article that my friend Lescelerat from Boston emailed to me. Yeah, I've intuitively known this all my life, I believe. I credit a significant part of my maintenance of youth with my jackoff habits. DeSoto didn't have to tramp around the swamps of North Florida to find the fountain every one of his soldiers had for him. Having read the plaque, I suspect De Soto was a big sissy, anyway. But read the article, its worth your time, and will probably inspire more research. I'll be in THAT study. Hey, maybe I should conduct my own research...volunteers email me. I have some clipboards here somewhere...

Orgasm Frequency Tied To Longevity

December 22, 1997

NEW YORK (Reuters) - The more orgasms a man has, the more likely he is to live longer, according to a study of middle-aged Welsh men, published in the British Medical Journal.

But in an accompanying editorial, two experts cast doubt on the study results, saying that other factors such as age and illness can reduce sexual activity and increase risk of death - and should be taken into account in such studies.

The study, conducted by researchers based at the University of Bristol in Bristol and at Queen's University in Belfast, involved 918 men living in or near the town of Caerphilly in South Wales. The men were between the ages of 45 and 59 when recruited into the study between 1979 and 1983. They were asked about their medical histories, given physical exams, and had their total blood cholesterol measured. The men were also asked about their frequency of sexual intercourse. The researchers then recorded deaths and causes of death in this group of men over a period of 10 years.

The researchers found that men who had frequent orgasms, defined as twice a week or more, appeared to have less than half the risk of dying compared with men who had few orgasms, defined as less than once a month. Furthermore, the researchers found a "dose-response relation" between the men's risk of dying and orgasm frequency, suggesting that the more often a man has sex, the less his chance of dying.

The mortality risk assessed in the study included all causes, although the biggest difference was seen in the risk for death from coronary artery disease.

But the researchers, led by George Davey Smith of the University of Bristol, write that men who were younger, taller, in non-manual occupations, and had less coronary heart disease at the beginning of the study were more likely to supply data than other men. These men "had an overall lower mortality than those for whom frequency of orgasm was not known" - and this may have helped to skew the study result.

Despite this potential for study bias, the researchers assert that their results are "consistent" with the results of previous studies. They suggest further study of the issue - and even see a potential for including this information in health promotion campaigns.

But in an editorial entitled, "The earth may move, but let's keep our feet on the ground," Matthew Hotopf and Simon Wessely of King's College School of Medicine and Dentistry and Institute of Psychiatry in London, say that the paper "is especially susceptible to confounding and reverse causality." They name age, psychological problems, and disease as factors that may have confounded the results - that is, these factors could cause some men to have less sex, and may themselves be risk factors for early death.

"Reverse causality occurs when the 'exposure' is really an early sign of the outcome," Hotopf and Wessely write. "Early heart disease is likely to lead to reduced sexual activity and death."

Copyright 1997 Reuters Limited. All rights reserved. Republication or redistribution of Reuters content is expressly prohibited without the prior written consent of Reuters. Reuters shall not be liable for any errors or delays in the content, or for any actions taken in reliance thereon.

All information is intended for your general knowledge only and is not a substitute for medical advice or treatment for specific medical conditions. You should seek prompt medical care for any specific health issues and consult your physician before starting a new fitness regimen.


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