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BloodSperm: 1989 Hawk NT650 Motorcycle

Dog: 1981 VW Diesel Truck

For Inquiring Minds:

SF Cop runs red light, fails to knock Niner's balls off

1/1/96...caution: Pix below may be disturbing.

On the afternoon of New Year's Eve , Dec. 31, 1995, 6 weeks after moving to SF, I went to movie w/ C-man, a friend since college years.

Nice French film titled: "City of Lost Children." Impressive visuals, and interesting messages, about enduring love, and omnipresent terror; all characters defined as flawed. We walked around downtown after, in a multiuse/multiblock development, past a skating rink, and past the site of a big New Years Eve Party, to near the Ferry Terminal. Returned home on Streetcar. C-man got off at Church St.

At home, I thought about, but did not get it together to go to 15 Assn Party. But I figured I should be out in public in this new town, soaking in good spirit with many.

Went directly to Blow Buddies, arriving 11:45. Was undressing when MN and new year struck. I joked with the Manager on duty about some of the decorations. Had a good time, played with several guys. Lots of looks.

Left at 3:30 am, Jan. 1, 1996 and wrecked my Hawk 3/4 block away at Harrison at 6th, when a car driven by a off-duty SF Cop came thru redlight without stopping (I had flashing yellow). He came up past another car which was stopped at the light, and drove thru the red light immediately into my path. I hit the car on left front, flew over the hood. I stopped with a "whump" flat on my back on the street.

Immediately, my hips did not respond. I could move my toes, and all limbs. My head and neck were not injured. Many people came over, comforted me. A woman said "Im a doctor...excuse me...I'm a Doctor.." She got to position over myhead. someone said; " Lets see your ID" She disappeared. A guy named "Crazy Mike" at the scene offered to take care of my bike. When asked my age, bystanders said: "He looks pretty good for 48." Ambulance arrived. Attendant asked me questions, first one was "How old are you?" Police arrived. Other driver did not introduce himself. Policeman asked for my Drivers License, etc. He returned it in a few moments. Ambulance took me to SF General in Potrero Hill. Ambulance people very nice. The ambulance taped me to a board. I asked if anyone was injured in the car, the Ambulance driver said no. In ambulance, they took off my boots and leather jacket, and pants, to save them from being cut off at the hospital.

At the Hospital, many x-rays were taken. Hospital Emergency Rm. and Trauma Center Did very well, though they were very slow. Doctors made very occasional and fast sweeps thru the areas, with almost no comments, reactions or words to anyone.

Diagnosis: fractured Inferior Ramus of Pubic Bone. They were getting near to releasing me at 7:30, when lump appeared in my rt. scrotum. I found it when the new shift of nurses asked for a urine sample from me. Old shift had forgot that. Lump was the size of a marble, and red hot. Almost as soon as I touched it, I had incredible sharp cutting pain. And a bigger hot lump. It grew quickly. Extreme pain. They put me on Morphine, and icepack. Waited till apx. 11 for Tech. Dr, then sonograms made. They pronounced my testicles intact. I was processed to release. Apparently a blood vessel had been compressed in the impact, between my pubic bone and my bike's gas tank. I understood this better when I saw my bike, much later. Dent in the tank the size of my open hand, at crotch. But what happened, is that very slowly, this injured blod vessel balooned up with blood. When I touched it, it broke. Filling my rt. scrotum with blood.

I called C-man at 2. He arrived with a friend, we all took a cab back to my place at 2:30. There, I called police, who arrived in triplicate. I told them I had no paper from the accident. No report, no number, no nothing. They researched, initially said there was no accident, and no report. After about 30 minutes in their cruiser, they said that they found a police report had been made. I got # from them, written down by them on a very small checkbox form. My Hawk Regis Card disappeared. And the RedID card from the Hospital also disappeared.

Police said that since no copy of the report was given to me at the accident scene, that I'd have to wait ten days, then request it in writing, and pay a fee. (I did this. 3 months later, after many fruitless calls about it, the Police sent me a written letter saying that there was no record under the number that the policeman wrote down for me. They would not research further without an additional written request).

Considerable pain, very difficult moving around. Went to bed about 10. up often thru night. I icepacked my balls, and tried to keep them elevated, when in bed, as Dr. recommended. Balls were very tender for 48 hours. Hip pain was centered in Tailbone, and leftward, shooting sharply thru buttcheek. Left leg was sometimes numb from above knee on outside, across patella, and below knee, across shinbone, downfrom knee about half length of lower leg. Numbness seemed to be position sensitive. Muscle twitches in thigh, most noticeable across front, and outside. Hospital had given me a walker. I moved very slowly on it with significant pain. Pain medication helped reduce sensation to bearable level. Very difficult to find a comfortable position. Pain reduced very slowly over 6 week period.

My balls swelled for 48 hours after leaving hospital, to the size of a grapefruit. Then they turned black, with a trail of black running up perianum to and surrounding my butthole. Scrotal skin was thick, leather hard. In Urology appt on 5 January, student Dr. suggested continued icepacks, and Jock Strap. He took pictures for his records. The skin swelling and black color dissipated in about a week, by 10 January. Scrotal skin returned to normal pink, and texture. A large mass was left in my rt. scrotum. Apx. 3.25" long, egg shaped. This was quite firm, and immobile. My rt. Testicle was pushed up to pubic arch, and held there tightly by this mass. This caused some pain.

On Jan. 11 I had an Orthopedic Appt. Dr. went over X-rays from 1 Jan, found an additional crack behind left hip joint. These X-rays showed the Ramus fracture had bone dislocation of apx. 1/2". New X-rays were done. Ramus fracture has almost completely realigned, and is knitting very well. Crack behind hip joint has disappeared. Dr. is impressed by my bones' quick healing. I told him about pain site at tailbone. he says X-rays show these joints as ok, but that I have soft tissue injuries, which will have to heal with time. I showed him lump on my left hip, which he says is a hematoma, and will heal slowly. He says I was "banged up pretty good."

By January 24, I could walk a few steps without the walker, but still with sharp pain. on 31 January, I was moving well enough to leave walker at home. Carrying 10 lbs was difficult, and manageable only for short distances. By 9 February, I could walk unaided for distances of apx. 4-5 blocks, but still with nag of pain, which felt like a week old sprain. On 10 January, tailbone and buttcheek pain was reduced to the point where I started to feel pubic ramus. This sensation felt like a stressed tingle, and made my hip joint muscles tight, if I walked for more than a minute. I suspect this sensation has been masked previously by more intense pain in tailbone and buttcheek.

C-man visited on 10 February, we had supper in Castro, then took Muni to downtown to a Gallery. He says I look much improved, that the pall in my skin that he noticed in days after my accident is gone now. I have color back.

In Urology appt on 19 January, Dr. suggested continued wear of a jock strap to provide support, and relieve some pain, which he believed was being caused by the weight of the mass stressing the testicle suspension. The mass diagnosis was reconfirmed as a classic Hematoma. Dr. agrees that this will take many months to reabsorb. Since 10 January to 11 Febuary, reduction in the length of the mass is only .25", 7.6%.

In Urology clinic visit 16 Feb., the "big" Dr. came in with a student Dr., a cute Oriental guy. "big" Dr. was the guy in charge, his name appeared on all billings. He started out wrong with me, claiming to have seen me before, which he had not. He described my rt. testicle as "angry", which I appreciated as a sign of his intelligence. He then went on to ask if I planned to have children. I asked why he asked. He said he thought this testicle was dying, and should be removed. I told him that this was not observed in the sonograms, and if he thought that, then maybe it was time for another sonogram. He said "maybe your'e right...and there is time..." I went downstairs to the imaging section. This was a holiday weekend starting now, on Friday, and nothing could be arranged till the following Tuesday. Tough weekend.

Tuesday, a very attentive and slow, careful woman used the machine on my balls. She said both testicles were quite intact, and had good blood flow.

I posted msgs for a gay urologiston Backdoor BBS. I got one, and made an appointment. Took him the sonogram films. He said the expedicious thing with someone my age is to remove a testicle. This is why the other Dr. suggested it. I told him I would not allow that. He agreed that both were vital. He went on to explain that the hematoma mass would reduce very slowly to a density and chemical composition that the body could not deal with any more. then it would have to be surgically removed. He said that scrotal surgery can result in permanent, untreatable pain. and it would be months befor he could operate, because of the accident trauma to my rt. testicle. This he noticed because of its firmness.

It took till October for my testicle to be ready. The surgery was quick. Not even 10 minutes. My anxiousness must have showed; the Anethesologist, a handsome young man, comforted me as I was strapped onto the op table, legs apart. I had a wonderful dream. Intense. A group of people I did not know greeted me. Very friendly and comfortable. I was with them. I wanted to stay, as I heard my name being called. I woke up, realizing a nurse was calling me.

I was in a jock strap packed with cheesecloth. My rt. ball was huge, elongated and bandaged. Swelled, tight, and stitched up hard diagonally across the front. I was confused. Dull. could move only slowly, and purposefully. But I felt OK. Didn't hurt much. But very tender. Nurse asked how I was. I said hungry. She brought some very sweet peppermint tea and an ugly smelling chipped beef sandwich with some kind of hot sauce gravy on it. I was so hungry that I ate most of it. I vomited it in a few minutes, with automatic effort and a hard knot of stomach squeeze.

At home, I rested, napped, moved slowly. Another slow healing process took months. and the scar was scarey. The stitches seemed to open, and showed a white shiny like very firm surface that had my imagination in rampant gallop. Dr. pronounced it "normal". As healing proceeded, my testicle slowly dropped in scrotum. Scar settled down. Tenderness, incision pain, and hardness of my testicle abated slowly over many months. Another, and more invasive trauma this was. Testicular/scrotal healing is incredibly slow, I discovered. Dr. agreed that this is normal.

I had a 7+ week period from Christmas 1996 into Feb. 1997 where sperm production seemed to be shut down. At least there was none observable in ejaculate. This was an anxious period. Restart happened spontaneously, and with volume and frequency increased over normal cum before accident. I was jacking off as quick as 3 days after accident, and continuously since. In the week immediately after the wreck, my cum had a smoky taste.

I hired a lawer. He hired a private detective. He found a police report filed under a very different number from the one they gave me. The other driver (who never introduced himself to me), the off-duty policeman, had no home address of record. He had the state minimum for Auto Liability Coverage. He was not given a breathalizer test, and was not ticketed for running the red light.


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