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November 4, 2011: Powerhouse Underwear Party

November 7, 2011: 440 Underwear Night

November 24, 2011: Underwear Night @ Powerhouse

September 23, 2012: Folsom Street Fair

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FSF was very  good, weather a bit overcast, but some clearing to partly cloudy as the day progressed. Near-70 degrees. While waiting for pix back, I found a few on Flikr a few days later, including the one below. Unfortunately and not, the fair doesn’t show. It does often happen that a space clears around me...and perhaps I was too considered at choosing a background. I had chosen that spot between 8th and 9th on Folsom, because I hoped there’d be a faint reflection of the photogs and fair-goers in the metal of the garage door. Too faint a hope I suppose.  If the silver garage door were cleaner, crowd image might be just slightly visible, and it almost is. I also liked the red “You’re on Camera” sign. It just barely appears in one shot. I was on Folsom Street from 1 PM to 6 PM. There are several  others now into showoff of major ball stretching. 3 others are in my class. In  every case, we were all attracting huge crowds. At 6 PM I went to the  Powerhouse, stayed there until 10:15. No foot problems today: I wore my boots. At home, I showered and went to bed after  snacks.

Up Your Alley – Dore Alley, was just about perfect for weather (high 60s, pushing 70 and calm, bright sunny, no clouds, with a good nearly all male (assume Gay and Gay Intent) crowd. Maybe not quite as many cameras as in years past. I spent most of my time in the alley, but did walk the whole fair, following the sunshine. Saw some friends, but less than expected. I wore my rings, Chuck Taylors, black socks, black leather MC jacket, and my black welder’s cap. Pulled my white cotton tights off as soon as I got on the alley. I stood in the shade part of the time to allow for better photos, with no hard cast shadows. So far, I’ve rec’d three photos by email, with very friendly notes, and found one other posted on the net. All four posted above. Hoping for more. There were a few blow jobs here & there; tasting sessions, I suppose: I saw no climaxes, and no fucking. I did see one public piss scene. 3 guys traveling together, pissed on each other, entirely clothed in policesque uniforms & leather. Expensive use of uniforms & leather. Some very pretty young men, and handsome older men. A fair amt. of nudity, but probably not more than 5%; lower, I observe, than some years past. People were friendly, cordial, chatty. Saw a few people who I only see at these events. As the fair ended at 6 PM, I watched the street traffic from outside the Powerhouse. About 6:30, when the line was reduced, I went inside. I eventually found a high bench to sit on. A guy I casually know came over, played with my dick for what seemed like forever before I shot a huge spurting load into the crowd. He was playing very lightly with my frenulum and dickhead. Edging, light touch tease is a Niner fave fetish. I left at about 11:30, caught a cab home. Had an extended hot shower, and was in bed by 12:30. Slept, but woke a few times through the night with sore feet. All Stars do not provide much support. Maybe should have worn my boots.

Jim James aka Photojimsf in lots of places, & SF Freelance Photographer took the picture below of Niner, at an Underwear Night. What a nice Thanksgiving feel. Love the roasting background. Thanks Jimbo.

Wearing the gray jock pouch, above.

Mondays. I wore same gray pouch as above. Variable crowd. Music is heavy POP mix; IMO: better than most places with a live DJ. Crowd tonight in a party mood, was varied for age & type. Got busy by 11, nearly cleared by 12:30. Watched guys cruise, and approach others. Most crashed & burned. Watched one young man buy a beer with what appeared to be his last bit of money for someone he admired, who accepted it readily, drank it quickly, and then left as soon as it was empty with someone else. I’m very glad I’m older. Bartender in the back was very attentive, and friendly, remembering my Rolling Rock preference from a few weeks ago, when I was there last. Home before 1 AM.

Most Thursdays. Check Calendar on their website to confirm. Usually a nice event, well attended. This eve, I arrived minutes after 11; crowd did not build until after Midnight. Nice evening despite numbers at any hour. I always see new people at this event, and tonight, late, there were many, many. Underwear Night draws from a large group of fans of all ages & types. Other Bars that might like such a fan base might consider events with sticky schedules, instead of peevingly flipping it around so often. I wore my gray posing strap pouch, in languid repose on one of my pillows, below. I remade it from the pouch of an old gray jock that fits me very well.