Dick Up To Date 3


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May 9, 2013:


I discovered a sock I can wear on my Cock & Balls. It is a black anklet sock, stretchy, comfy, convenient, in a pack of two, easy to share, or keep a spare. Highly 9R recommended.

Like kneepads, every Gay Household should have at least one pair.

Available for very little money at Walgreens, among other places. And among places I’ve been wearing it:

Powerhouse Underwear Party, Thursday, dressed as shown.

Niner can be available many dates, for merchandise inspection; an easily moveable manikin.

July 28, 2013:


Up Your Alley Street Fair, aka Dore Alley Street Fair was  milder than average for fetish and kink. Certainly a mirror of fetish reduction in the general gay culture over the last several years. Yes, some may have guessed it: with mainstreaming of Gay Culture, adoption of Same Sex Marriage, standard mores are swept into concurrence, if not into consensus, then

by “intentsus” into the power position.

I observe that now being able to marry removes an Adolescent Injury from our  development. Yay us. And the continuing aging of this Universe. Catchup is good, even as we learn why we are different.

Leather/Fetish: I earn my curio place,

mark history, and see the world squirm.

I feel great about my transit, and I am happy to witness change.

Nice that intention proves our future;

I hope plurality multiplies, and does not restrict what comes into being.      

UYA was mostly overcast, coolish but no moving air. only the briefest, occasional peek of sunlight got to the street. Crowds were a bit reduced for 2013. Not many naked people, comparatively. I saw only maybe a dozen dicks, and all seemed to be solo. I witnessed no public sex of any kind. And far fewer cameras than in previous years. I saw a few friends, and only a few regulars from previous years.

UYA was still dominantly male; I soaked

in good feelings felt from all who bothered to show some part of themselves. Pix at right and below taken on Folsom, near

the Powerhouse and Hole in the Wall.

I enjoyed the mild-mannered day,

and will have many more, thanks.

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