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July 1, 2011: Retired from the work-for-paycheck world, at age 64.5. Feels great; I highly recommend retirement. My time is all mine, to do things like more Art, visit friends, go out, do this web page, respond to my cock & balls, set new personal masturbation records. I have to say, Social Security folks have their act together. Everything was easy, no problems. Everything, at every step, is accessible online. And so is Ninerdick. Back Online. And happy about it. Old pages, from 1997+ are still up. You can see them all by clicking here.

August 3-23, 2011: Traveled back east, visiting DC, VA, PA, family & friends.

DC was good fun, where I placed second in a Jockstrap Contest at the DC Eagle on August 4, 2011. The Highwaymen TNT MC Club that runs this event did a nice job. I wore my rings, and a self-modded custom pouched swimmer’s jock. Crowd was in loudest hoot when viewing my balls from behind. 

Beat the Bushes: Visited a suburban VA arboretum/garden center on a Monday, noonish, where a deaf young man worked the grounds for climax and conquests. He solicited every male in the place while I was there, intent on enticing guys into the surrounding wood, making loud noises and pointing to his cock & balls. While he had no success while I was there, he must do well, to be here on a Monday.

Had an excellent weekend in Richmond, VA, visiting a long-standing friend and Moderator of the Yahoo Group “Dickgoon”. Pulled nearly an all-nighter masturbating, sharing porn, going deeper into Goon.

Went to Hillside Campground Aug. 18-21. Pix at pool below. 5 hours & 300 miles each way in a Fiat 500. Quite a nice driver’s car, handles very well, solid on the road, and good power from the nicely implemented CTV tranny. Loved the dash. Quite small inside, and hard seats. Uncomfortable distance traveller. Rural PA guys recognize that Fiat has saved Chrysler; everyone asked about the 500. Hillside is doing well. Attended Fantasy & Fetish Weekend #3. Slow building crowd through weekend, due to rainstorms on Friday, that closed NE Extension of PA Tpk. But a happy time, with lots of friendly guys. Spoke briefly to Dave, the Owner, who recognized me from years ago. Naked all day, I wore my rings everywhere, all day/night. Lounged at the pool, cruised the grounds, demo’d estim devices for interested/curious/afraid, including Fuji TENS and ET-312. Wish I could get to Hillside more often, and that there were an equivalent on the west coast...Gay Entrepreneurs, where are you?

Last day, Aug. 23, the VA-centered eastern seaboard earthquake struck just after 1 PM. I was on the 12th floor of an apt. bldg. in Crystal City when the quake struck. Building creaked and twisted for many seconds. Realizing transit would be affected, I left early for my JetBlue flight from Dulles. I got to gate with just 10 minutes to sit before boarding. Alternated between CNN and XM Chill Channel (fave) on uneventful trip home.

July 5, 2011: Went to the Powerhouse, SOMA, my regular hang these days, but on a Tuesday. A slower night, but hey, I should see it all, esp, now that I can. The Garbage Room there is entertaining. 8 or so guys hanging out. One guy looks familiar, looks at me...then asks me if my name is...and I call out his name: Jonathan, a guy who visited me from OK many years ago. I think about how at periods of transition, I have before encountered out-of-touch friends, unexpectedly. Jonathan introduces me to his boyfriend of many years: Tim. Ah, I see, they’ve been busy. We catch up, tonight, and again a few more times while they visit SF: More visits to the Powerhouse, and late night snacks at Sparky’s Diner on Church St. Wonderful, excellent. How nice to be back in touch, and see friends prospering. Yay, hooray.

July 31, 2011: Up Your Alley Fair 2011 was pretty good. I arrived just before 1 PM. Weather was about 66 degrees, mostly overcast, but the cloud cover was not heavy, and the sun did peak through for some minutes repeatedly until about 5 PM. So I could warm up in the sun. I walked through the fair to a spot I like near the Planet Saab Garage on Dore Alley. This spot is left empty each year, for unadvertised reasons. It is flat, in the sun, and right next to the passing crowd. So there are good sight lines for people to see me, and take pictures. I decided this year to not pass out cards, asking those who take pix of me to send ‘em, because this doesn’t work very well. I’ll get one, maybe two responses from 30-50 cards passed out. It wears me down to do the asking. So I decided to relax, just enjoy being a dick standing there.

I got lots of photographers, some were repeats from previous years, including one guy who said that he had taken pix of me every year for 10 years. And another who came to my apt about 2 years ago, took some pix of me on my roof, here in the Castro. And also Biron.  He took a couple of pix. Left below is one of Biron’s photos of me from UYA 11 that I have retouched to reduce harsh shadows & otherwise improve. Right below is a B&W pix taken by another photographer. I’ll watch for shadows in the future. Much easier than fixing after.

Dog Slave Boy was a popular theme this year. No idea why. But someone sold a lot of costume parts & pieces.

As the fair ended, I went to a natural food supermarket nearby that has hot food: tasty salmon sandwiches. With good food, went to the Powerhouse. By this time, an hour after the street fair closed, no line remained at the Powerhouse. Walked right in, got a beer and pants off. Settled to the backroom area, the Garbage Room. The whole place remained pretty jammed up for several hours. Many guys came by

September 25, 2011: Folsom Street Fair improved with the day. Was quite foggy at 10 AM, when I got up on Sunday. Took my time getting ready, arrived at Fair at 1 PM. Through the day, the weather got better, but the sun barely broke through the cloud cover, even though by 5 PM there were sparse patches of blue sky on the western and southern horizon. Never got out of the mid 60s, but luckily, no wind. Many naked people, men and women. Friendly, good spirits from everyone, as is typical of FSF and UYA. I wore a gray hoodie, leather MC jacket, black cap, sunglasses, boots & rings. Took off white thin cotton shorts I wore on transit, as soon as I got inside the fair area. Within an hour, I had the jacket and hoodie off, too. Crowd was surprisingly dense, given the weather. Not much reduced from overcast, cool weather, I observed. Lots of folks, in good spirits, lots of people saying things like...I saw you last year...etc. Roomie showed up with a co-worker, was eager for his co-worker to see my tats and rings. And a guy I’ve chatted with, who has been present for both Up Your Alley and FSF, from NZ was there. He emigrated from Germany to NZ, is apparently well off, to be making trips to SF twice a year from NZ. That’s about a 6 grand trip (I’m told), twice a year. That kind of travel money is not in my budget. He is heavy into ball stretching, too. Tall, slim looks very Nordic, long dick. He came back around 3x to where I was.

At 5:30, as I got to the Powerhouse, the doorman saw me and waved me in. Nice of him. He also let me bring my beer from the fair inside, which is normally not encouraged. I felt welcome. I settled off to the the back, where I found a seat in a fluid crowd. Redux in the day’s hypnotizing spirit: in very tight quarters, people moved, passed, chatted, inspected, explored among uncountable and ever changing options. Iterative Special Relativity proved again, and again.

Home by 12:30, enjoyed the relaxing sate of a long hot shower.

Above: Hillside Pool


FSF by Michael Wong

Right 2nd:

FSF by Biron

Also FSF on Descript Page by  Daniel Schumann

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